Why China and Bilateral Cooperation of Turkey's General trends Despite recording growth

The reason for the dual cooperation gin and turkiyenin growth despite the general tendency to save
The reason for the dual cooperation gin and turkiyenin growth despite the general tendency to save

Despite the decline in global economic and trade cooperation between China and Turkey have improved.

China's Embassy Economic and Commercial Counselor Liu Yuhua, shortly before China Media Group (CMG) and the special statement, the trade volume between China and Turkey increased by 2020 percent compared to the previous year in 15,6, noted that 24 billion 80 million reaching $ .

Pandemic period, China and Turkey's outbreak with the mutual support they provide Noting that under control along the negative impact on the economy Liu, bilateral economic and trade cooperation on the global trend in spite of the growth obtained in China increased by 6,3 percent while imports from Turkey 3 He said that it reached 720 million dollars.

Liu Yuhua, "Last year, we supported the export of Chinese dairy products and poultry products from Turkey. We also expanded the purchase of quality products such as cherries, pistachios and seafood. Turkish agricultural products have a significant competitive power around the world, which is in line with the demands of the Chinese market. used the expressions.

Generation and cooperation between China and Turkey in 2020 for the construction of the road project partners also steadily progressed.

Liu, the assessment of the issue, "Chinese-owned company in Turkey last year, an increase of 242,7 percent compared to the amount of new contracts signed in the previous year was recorded as 4 billion 599 million dollars. By the end of 2020 the total turnover amount realized by Chinese companies in Turkey 25 billion 940 million dollars, the amount of turnover derived from all of the project found 16 billion 80 million dollars. " he spoke.

Among the projects in question are the light rail system project in Konya, the second phase of the natural gas storage facility in Aksaray, and the Çanakkale Bridge project.

Emphasizing that the successes achieved last year stemmed from the joint efforts of the two countries, Liu stated that the province continues economic and commercial cooperation as well as fighting the epidemic.

That China is Turkey's come to the still reliable supplier pointing Liu, Turkey's rapidly the increased demand for products that China is advantageous in manufacturing such as computer and mobile phone, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in Turkey, he said come on for the first time more than 50 percent of the shares in the market .

Liu, recent MI, and many voiced the mobile phone companies to invest in Turkey, including the OPPO.

Pointing out that bilateral cooperation is faced with important opportunities, Liu added that the existing opportunities should be strengthened, especially economic and commercial cooperation should be further enhanced.

Source: China International Radio

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