Fast Shipping from Cargo in One Day, Fast Growth

fast shipping fast growth from cargo in one day
fast shipping fast growth from cargo in one day

Guaranteeing delivery within a maximum of 24 hours, One Day Cargo grew rapidly thanks to its fast service. The company, which managed to increase its turnover 2,5 times in a year, also doubled its market share from 5 percent. Creating new distribution networks and increasing the number of operation centers in parallel with its growth, Bir Gün Kargo grew by 2 percent in a short time with the employment of 800 people and an average of 30 thousand order deliveries per day. The target is at least 50 thousand deliveries per day and at least 50 million TL turnover per month.

Focusing on speed in cargo by making this investment in technology since the day it was founded, One Day Cargo has achieved record growth in a year. The goal of One Day Cargo, which rapidly grows all its numbers from the number of shipments, employment, branch numbers to storage areas, is to be one of the top 5 players in the industry.

Delivered in 14 minutes, grown 50%

Mentioning that One Day Cargo has brought a new breath to the sector with its service far from the standard shipping concept, Yaşar Kımıl said, “The increasing competition conditions and the widespread use of technology have also changed the way of doing business in the logistics sector. We have made all our investments in technology in order to keep up with the speed of digital life and to produce innovative solutions for the needs of our customers. At the point we have reached today, we respond to changing expectations and demands in the fastest way thanks to the system we have established. Especially in the last year, the rapidly growing e-commerce sector has been a driving force for the important players of the logistics market. We also got our share from this growth and increased our market share from 5 percent to 10 percent. While our daily cargo distribution volume was 9 thousand, it increased to 30 thousand in one year. Parallel to this increase, our monthly turnover rose from 2 million TL to 5 million TL. The reason for this growth is that we deliver within a maximum of 24 hours, as in our name. We are breaking our own record every day. “Our fastest delivery time said 14 minutes”.

"The goal is not to grow fast, but sustainable"

Yaşar Kımıl said, “When we launched Cargo in One Day, we had a small warehouse. Now we have increased this area 7 times. We are also expanding our distribution network and opening new operation centers. With our new points, we increased the number of our employees from 200 to 800. We achieved 2021 percent of our 1.000-person employment target for 70, in a shorter time than we targeted. Our goal is sustainable growth and qualified increase ”.

Turnover target is 10 million TL

Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Istanbul, Kocaeli and in 6 provinces, including Ankara, offering next day or same day shipping and special handling services to institutions with options such as appointment deliveries a day, shipping, in 2021 Turkey in total across 16 aims to provide services in the cities. It plans to double the number of branches in the provinces where current service is provided. One of the biggest goals of One Day Cargo, whose turnover target is 10 million TL per month, by the end of 2021, is to carry 50 thousand cargo per day. With this goal, One Day Cargo is working to employ more than 2021 people by the end of 1000.

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