First Foundation of Başkent Ankara Village Houses Başak Project was Laid in Ayaş

baskent ankara cove houses basak project laid in the first foundation
baskent ankara cove houses basak project laid in the first foundation

The first foundation for the “Başkent Ankara Village Houses Project-BAŞAK”, which is among the election promises of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş and has been implemented to support rural development, was laid in Yağmurdede District of Ayaş. Citizens, who paid no fee to the Metropolitan Municipality for ground survey, architectural, static, electrical and mechanical projects, accelerated the groundbreaking and construction works.

The first foundations were laid in the “Başkent Ankara Village Houses Project” (BAŞAK Project), one of the most important projects initiated by Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş to support rural development.

The first address where the BAŞAK Project was implemented in Ankara was Yağmurdede Mahallesi in Ayaş district. Citizens who showed great interest in the project, for which the Metropolitan Municipality received no fees for ground survey, architectural, static, electrical and mechanical projects, started construction works in their own neighborhoods (villages) or rural areas.


The teams of the Department of Reconstruction and Urbanization and the Department of Technical Affairs assist citizens who want to benefit from the BAŞAK Project and apply.

Metropolitan Municipality teams; He inspected the construction works of a village house, whose architectural, static, electrical and mechanical projects were completed, in the Yağmurdede District of Ayaş, and inspected them.

Metropolitan Municipality Civil Engineer Özgehan Burak Özen, who stated that citizens showed great interest in the BAŞAK Project and received more than 100 applications so far, gave the following information:

“For the BAŞAK Project application, we came to the Yağmurdede District of Ayaş and made static checks. After that, the concrete pouring process will be carried out. We provide ground survey, architectural, static, mechanical and electrical projects free of charge in the project. It is very important for us that our citizens have a long and happy life. We received applications from all districts of Ankara. Although it is winter, applications are quite high. We anticipate that applications will increase even more with the summer season. "


The village to reduce migration to urban and rural areas to encourage settlement for the first time in Turkey Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansoor Slow implemented by the VIRGO project, 4 season continues.

Citizens who want to build a house in their neighborhood (village) first apply to the district municipalities with the application sketches of their parcels. Citizens who apply to the Rural Planning Branch of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Zoning and Urban Planning after submitting their demands with the zoning diameter and road elevation documents prepared by the district municipalities, select the projects suitable for their parcels. After this process, ground studies for citizens are carried out; Metropolitan Municipality, which prepares architectural, static, electrical and mechanical projects free of charge, sends the documents to the district municipality. After the projects are approved by the district municipality, citizens who receive the rural building permit start construction.


Stating that he has provided special advantages and great savings thanks to the BAŞAK Project, Ayaşlı applicant Ali Kızılcıkaya thanked Mayor Yavaş and expressed his happiness with the following words:

“I wanted to build a house in my village for a long time. I decided to apply for the BAŞAK Project initiated by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. They answered my request in a very short time and we started this construction work. I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş for his services. "

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