ASELSAN Wins Gebze Darıca Metro Line Signalization Tender

ASELSAN Wins Gebze Darıca Metro Line Signalization Tender
ASELSAN Wins Gebze Darıca Metro Line Signalization Tender

Turkey's ASELSAN technology base, which has a great significance to the Gulf region Gebze Darıca won the tender for Metro Line signaling system solutions for a cost of 17 million euros. ASELSAN took the lead by making the most competitive bid in terms of scope in the tender held for the project. In the project signed with EZE İnşaat, which is the main contractor, work started quickly.

Gebze - Darıca metro line, where 28 vehicles (7 sets) will serve in total, is 15,5 km. long and consists of 11 stations. The metro will have a signaling system defined as an unattended operation (CBTC GoA4).

Passenger Capacity Will Increase

Thanks to the unique signaling technology developed by ASELSAN's own resources, the Communication Based Train Control System, which has been used in metro lines, will reduce the service time intervals between trains moving in the same direction and the transported passenger capacity will be increased.

Driverless Metro Signaling System

Communication Based Train Control System (CBTC); It consists of On Vehicle, Line Length and Control Center components. The original driverless metro signaling system developed by ASELSAN in previous signaling projects will also be used in this project. On Board Signalization System; It performs functions such as receiving and processing the data transferred from the Control Center via the communication system, transferring it to the relevant units on the train, operating automatic train protection functions in case the train does not comply with the determined limitations, calculating the precise location, speed, status data of the train and reporting it to the Control Center. System; It will also fulfill critical functions such as positioning, train protection, train integrity control, door and speed control.

With the technology developed by ASELSAN, information and driving safety are ensured, and important innovations are implemented in terms of energy efficiency. In addition to this, which are very important features for metro transportation system operator and metro user; The ease of use of the system, remote management, rapid detection of malfunctions and rapid intervention, as well as minimizing delays in metro services are also within the scope of the ASELSAN System.

Also took part in Istanbul Metro

ASELSAN, previously M1 - Yenikapı-Bus Station-Airport-Kirazlı-Halkalı Automatic Train Control System Hardware and Software Development Project, U68 - Gayrettepe - Istanbul New Airport Metro Signalization Project and U1 - Halkalı - He took part in the Istanbul New Airport Metro Signalization Project.

ASELSAN, conducted by signaling projects with Turkey's overall aims to meet the needs of all railway signaling needs. Before ASELSAN took office as a domestic and national signaling technology manufacturer, the signaling market was completely provided by foreign companies. With the design and solution it developed, ASELSAN eliminated foreign dependency in this field.

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