Liquid Cocaine Seized in Beverage Bottles at Istanbul Airport

Liquid cocaine seized in beverage bottles at Istanbul airport
Liquid cocaine seized in beverage bottles at Istanbul airport

In the operation carried out by the Customs Enforcement Teams of the Ministry of Commerce at Istanbul Airport, liquid cocaine weighing 3 kilograms and 380 grams, which gave the appearance of alcoholic drink in the luggage of a foreign passenger, was seized.

Passengers coming to Istanbul Airport within the scope of the study carried out by the Customs Enforcement teams were examined in terms of drug trafficking. A passenger coming from Sao Paulo, Brazil, was evaluated as risky in the examination made through information systems.

Right after the plane carrying the passenger landed at the airport, the suitcases on the plane were scanned by an x-ray machine and searched with narcotic detector dogs. When the narcotic detector dogs reacted to the liquor bottles in the luggage of the suspect, the bottles were opened and a sample of the liquid in the appearance of an alcoholic beverage was taken.

Although the alcohol warning was received in the first analysis of the sample taken from the said liquid with the drug test device, the examination continued. In the detailed study, it was understood that the smugglers kept some alcohol in the bottle mouths with a mechanism they placed inside the bottles, and under this mechanism there was a different liquid.

Thereupon, the fixture and the liquid inside were removed from where it was located. In the analysis of the sample taken from the remaining liquid in the bottle, it was understood that this liquid was a cocaine solution.

As a result of the meticulous work and persistent follow-up of the Customs Enforcement teams, the introduction of liquid cocaine, a total of 3 kilograms of 380 grams, which appeared as an alcoholic drink, was prevented.

While a person related to the incident was detained, the investigation into the issue continues.

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