8 Ways to Maintain Spinal Health

way to maintain spinal health
way to maintain spinal health

The spine is the most important bone structure that enables the body to function properly and stand upright. Spinal health is very important for both protecting the structure of internal organs and the strength of the muscles and ligaments connected to it.

Altan Yalım, an expert physiotherapist from Therapy Sport Center Physical Therapy Center, who gives information about spinal health, said: “Depending on age periods, stresses, strains and overloads brought about by both education and work environment can cause abrasive effects on the spine”.

Explaining the simple ways to protect the spine health in the face of all difficulties, Expert Physiotherapist Altan Yalım said:

1-The most basic protective method of the spine is proper posture. It is important to maintain as straight and upright posture as possible at school, at work or at home.

2-Especially physical business lines cause serious traumas on the spine and a rested body is indispensable to meet these traumas.

3-While choosing the work chair, bed and lounge seating groups, those that are extremely soft and comfortable will expose our spine to excessive loads, no matter how appropriate it may seem to us. Somewhat uncomfortable, but choices that better support the spine are important.

4-Good nutrition, weight control and taking important minerals for bones are among the most basic needs of a healthy spine.

5-Regular and continuous exercises, walks, swimming and mat sports are important for the muscle and ligament structure that support the spine.

6- Stretching exercises, which are as important as strength exercises, and even more important, should be done and posture training can be taken.

7-Early and late ages are the times when the spine is most sensitive. During these periods, posture awareness is the key to pain-free life.

8-In short, besides the simple methods above, the most important protection method is to eat well, sleep well and stay fit.

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