Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort Will Be The Heart Of Sivas In Winter Tourism

Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort Will Be The Heart Of Sivas In Winter Tourism
Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort Will Be The Heart Of Sivas In Winter Tourism

Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan started the day by examining the 13 km road work on the route of Yıldız town, Kuzören and Olukman village on site. The Governor Ayhan, who received information from Mevlut Soysal, the Deputy Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, about the ongoing works at the Olukman crossroad sohbet and wished the employees convenience.

Ski Center Meets With Hot Çermik

The construction of the connection road between Yıldız Mountain Ski Center, Hot Çermik Hot Spring and Nuri Demirağ Airport continues at full speed. Yıldız Mountain Ski Center will become more accessible with the newly constructed roads.

The construction of the 54-kilometer road between Yıldız Mountain Ski Center and Hot Çermik Thermal Region was started, and the Governor Salih Ayhan, who examined the on-site works in the first phase, and received information from Mustafa Horuz, the 1th Regional Director of Sivas Highways, about the last situation reached. wished success to the contractor.

Yıldız Mountain Ski Center to Become a High Altitude Center

Governor Ayhan and his entourage, with the innovations it adds to its structure every season, takes firm steps towards becoming one of the most important ski resorts of our country, by examining the bungalow houses that have started to be built in Yıldız Mountain Ski Center and the ongoing works in Yenihan Hotel, and Mustafa Altun, General Manager of Buruciye A.Ş. received information from.

Governor Salih Ayhan said, “We have some special efforts to use Yıldız Mountain Ski Center more functionally in summer and winter and to use it qualified not only in winter but also in summer. One of them is bungalow houses, as you can see at the back. In addition, we are increasing the standards in our hotel to respond to different demands and density. The ski center has left its infancy and walking period behind. He established himself in this area by setting the standards. Now we need to make our difference with different ones. For this purpose, we have started new studies both to use it effectively in winter and to make it a camping place for our youth in summer. Again, we create sports fields at the bottom of our facilities. The projects we submitted to our Ministry of Youth and Sports were accepted. We will soon start construction and build a football field and make it a high-altitude center. " said.

Stating that they want to reach a facility with high standards that our citizens desire, Governor Ayhan said, “Indeed, it is a facility that I enjoy every time I come and we provide good services. I can say that this place will continue to add value to Sivas. Social mobility of Sivas will increase, especially with the high-speed train, and it will become a more popular city in terms of tourism. This will be the heart of Sivas in winter tourism. Of course, we are not satisfied with this. We are working to increase our connections with neighboring provinces. For example, our Tokat connection. Because this is 58 km from Sivas and 60 km from Tokat, we are trying to integrate Tokat here. In the past years, they showed their favor to our facilities. We finished the main lines of our path. We made the link. Friends are trying to increase their standard. We believe that ski lovers and nature lovers will increase every year with a good advertisement. In summary, we want to address not only Sivas but also surrounding provinces not only in winter but also in summer. All our efforts are in this direction. I thank everyone who worked hard. " used the expressions.

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