Ski simulation center to be made in Sivas

A ski simulation center will be built in Sivas: Ski Simulation Center will be built by Sivas Special Provincial Administration.

Special Provincial Administration of Sivas, the ski simulation center for the purpose of making the skiing has started the work of the ski simulation center. 17 thousand square meter area next to the administrative building of the Special Provincial Administration, 770 one-storey ski center, cafeteria, car park, camellias, 500 meters long bicycle path, walking area, children's playground and climbing track, sport equipments , volleyball courts, tennis courts and volleyball courts.

Secretary General of the Sivas Special Provincial Administration Salih Ayhan, Sivas strengthening the social and sports infrastructure by increasing the contribution to winter tourism continued by stating, erek by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, we have created a project on ski simulation center and living space. We will receive support from the Central Anatolia Development Agency for the financing of this project. The rest will be covered by our institution as co-financing. Geri

Providing information about the facility to be made, Ayhan said, bir On the side of the Sivas Special Provincial Administration, we have the idea of ​​bringing a wide facility from 17 to 1000 square meters from tennis courts to football fields, from children's play areas to mini-cafes, from parking to walking. Our project will add vitality to this region. The Special Provincial Administration of Sivas will be on the agenda not only with its rural infrastructure works but also with these social and sportive projects. Sivas

Ayhan noted that they will complete the project in the summer period and that they are continuing negotiations with Sivas Municipality for the development and that they will start their production works after completion of this project.

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