EGİAD This Time He Handled Italy With 'Foreign Trade Ambassadors'

EGİAD This Time He Handled Italy With 'Foreign Trade Ambassadors'
EGİAD This Time He Handled Italy With 'Foreign Trade Ambassadors'

60% of its members have partnerships with foreign partnerships, foreign trade and similar ways, and its portfolio includes companies from industry, agriculture, and service sectors, primarily in textile, food, machinery, construction, automotive, electrical-electronics, iron and steel. EGİADis working hard to close the export gap with the Foreign Trade Ambassadors Program it initiated. Wanting to speed up the process of opening up young business people abroad, to reduce costs in this process and to eliminate the negative effects of Kovid-19 EGİADThis time, it discussed Italy with the "Foreign Trade Ambassadors" that it started to provide consultancy to its members on foreign trade.

EGİAD 5th Term Board Chairman Uğur Barkan attended as guest speaker at the meeting hosted by Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mustafa Aslan, on zoom.

Italy, which leads the European trade and is considered one of the most important capitals of art, literature, fashion and food culture, became the agenda item of the Aegean Young Business People Association. Wanting to continue commercial relations with Italy, the country most affected by the pandemic process EGİAD representatives discussed the ongoing business conditions in the world's oldest civilization for its members.

25 Percent Decline in exports to Turkey and Italy in general while there, in numbers 12 percent in the Aegean Region

Italy last 5 years, a total of 41 billion 802 million dollars in exports to Turkey, this country was 50 billion 928 million dollars has realized imports. 5 years, 93 billion trade between Turkey and Italy performed, the effects of a pandemic the world has profoundly influenced the process.

Turkey's first 4 months of 2020 in general we export to most countries ranking # 8 located in Italy was achieved exports of $ 4 billion 460 million. According to the EIB figures, the export figure from the Aegean Region was again in the 439th place in the trade ranking with 4 million dollars. The figures for exports in the pandemic process in Turkey 25 percent experienced a decrease in exports shows that the EIB by 12 percent. This rate of decline in the Aegean region of Turkey is less than the overall, exports in Italy shows that better be a point. Automotive, chemical materials, iron and steel, textile, ready-to-wear, ready-to-wear sectors came to the fore in bilateral trade. Accordingly, the sector overall export figures for Turkey, automotive 1 billion 120 million dollars, 467 million dollars chemicals, iron and steel is listed as $ 456 million. According to EIB rates, aquaculture and animal products are 68.5 million dollars, chemical products 68.2 million dollars, air conditioning 40 million dollars, and ready-made clothing 40 million dollars.

Italy is one of the most important trade partners of our country

Noting that trade with Italy is of great importance in the light of the numerical balance EGİAD Chairman Mustafa Aslan, Italy's powerful trade and economic relations with Turkey drew attention found. Lion, "Turkey and Italy, found common interests in the Mediterranean Basin are two regional powers that share a common history and values. The two countries are working in cooperation to find solutions to regional and global issues. Italy is one of the most important trade partners of our country. Our bilateral trade volume is currently $ 18 billion. More than 1.500 companies with Italian capital operate in our country. A total of 2002 billion dollars was invested in our country from Italy in the 2019-3,7 period. In 2018, Italy ranked second after the Netherlands, with an international direct investment of 523 million USD to our country. Turkey and Italy are already located in a strong position trading partners. This partnership will rise to much higher levels in the future. develop commercial relations between Italy and Turkey, and I believe that we shed light on our members who want to strengthen. As Foreign Trade ambassadors, we strive to bring our exports forward with such activities. We support our members who want to start or strengthen commercial relations in the foreign market with these events ”. Pointing out that the two countries have an excellent relationship in all respects EGİAD President Aslan said, "We aim to develop and strengthen the relations between the two countries with a joint effort by bringing our members with similar perspectives and interests together in such organizations."

5. Term Chairman of the Board and guest speaker Uğur Barkan shared his 35 years of experience in this country with young business people. great similarities to Turkey with countries in the Mediterranean show Pointing out Barkan, small, medium and large businesses address the details of the operation. Referring to the city and city production areas, Barkan said, “If you want the product you produce abroad to be value-added, choosing Italy may be a very good choice. The product, which is a Made in Italy brand, can double itself in terms of price ”. Barkan also gave information about the incentives and credit opportunities provided to those who want to establish factories and businesses in Italy, and also gave information about bureaucracy, banking, main industrial areas and agricultural fields.

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