Dent occurred in the YHT Tunnel under construction in Bilecik

In Bilkent, during the construction phase, a child occurred in the tunnel of yht.
In Bilkent, during the construction phase, a child occurred in the tunnel of yht.

As a result of the collapse in a tunnel located on the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line in Bilecik but not yet used, a 40 meter deep 80 meter diameter dent occurred.

In the tunnel work, which is under construction in Kurtköy, between Bilecik and Bozüyük, and which will shorten the existing YHT distance and transportation time between Bilecik and Bozüyük, a dent occurred. While a sinkhole occurred in the dent, there was no death or injury in the accident. After the pothole, the teams working at the high-speed train site in Kurtköy tried to take measures by their own means.

The main route did not work in 2009 due to a dent in another region. In the incident in 2009, a dent occurred on the 6,2st kilometer of the tunnel, which is located on the Eskişehir-Bilecik YHT main line and is planned to be built at the location of 1 kilometers in the Ahmetler village location. A line was created temporarily for the continuation of the line after the dent, which was 10 kilometers away from the region where today's dent occurred, and the YHT line was opened for transportation.

It was returned from the brink of disaster in the sinkhole that occurred in the land in front of the house of Asım Taş. While a pit of about 40 meters was opened due to the formed sinkhole, the agricultural lands in the area where the sinkhole was formed were almost buried under the ground. Houses were evacuated in the region where the incident took place.

A citizen who witnessed the formation of the sinkhole, stating that the soil started to collapse while sitting on the balcony, said, “At first, a pit in the size of two cars was opened, and then it grew quite large. Our agricultural tools in the land were lost in the pothole. It is a great chance that there was no one outside at the time. Our state will take care of the issue, support it, I hope ”.

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