Goodness Piano Campaign at Üsküdar Metro Station

uskudar metro station favor piano campaign
uskudar metro station favor piano campaign

A favor movement started on the Üsküdar - Çekmeköy line. Musician Barutay Kartal plays piano at Üsküdar station to help street children.

Baturay Kartal, who works as a Sports Education Specialist at the Ministry of Youth and Sports and has been interested in music for 10 years, launched a campaign called li Goodness Piano ”on the Üsküdar-Çekmeköy Metro Line. Baturay Kartal, who plays the piano two days a week at Üsküdar station, buys clothing materials for street children with the income it generates.

Kids choose the clothes themselves kendi

Eagle started to play at the station first on Saturday, December 21, at the end of the first day, a child's shoes, boots, sweaters and pants took to shop to get the needs. Baturay Kartal says that the children decide which clothes and shoes they want, and that the “Kindness Piano” will be in Üsküdar station on Tuesday and Saturday for the first two months.

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