Advanced Technology to Accelerate the Transformation of Turkey Domestic Car

turkiyenin advanced technology to accelerate the domestic car conversions
turkiyenin advanced technology to accelerate the domestic car conversions

Bursa organized by Technical University of Turkey's Automobile and Bursa 'panel which guests BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, said the domestic automobile production will accelerate Turkey's medium-high and the conversion of high-tech manufacturing, "These moves both our countries Bursa our every field will lead to a higher league. ”

BCCI President Abraham Burkay, Bursa Technical University hosted the 'Car of Turkey and Bursa joined the panel. Rector of BTU Dr. Arif Karademir chaired by the chairman of the meeting, moderated by Burkay, 21st century, the world's competitiveness of high-competitive cities, he said.


Stating that the cities of the world are competing more than the countries in the world, Mayor Burkay said, olarak As Bursa, we continue to produce and export in order to catch our country. In this journey, domestic automobile plays a transformative role for our country and Bursa. If we enter between the world's 10 largest economies, the story of this game plan in Turkey should be different. At the heart of this story should be medium-high and high-tech. In this journey, the national and national automobile movement plays a transformative role. ”


Emphasizing that Bursa is one of the most important production centers of Marmara Basin, Mayor Burkay said, olarak As BTSO, we were one of the first institutions to embrace the national automobile project which was a milestone in terms of the vision and targets of our country under the leadership of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. If domestic cars will be produced; We have expressed that Bursa will be the most worthy center with its knowledge, experience and power at every opportunity. Countries in the world on the point of electric cars have come a long way. As Bursa, we have a great opportunity ahead. Bursa in Turkey in sectors undergoing transformative power of movement, this project will provide a more solid basis to stand on. The accumulation and infrastructure of Bursa has been the main factor in this decision. We strongly believe that this project will be successful as a country. I


Emphasizing that automotive technologies are also the driving force in the global economy in sectors that lead the world economy such as space, defense, aviation and rail systems, Mayor Burkay said: In this region the establishment of Turkey's first OIZ 1960, will continue to give direction to our national goals. Bursa, Turkey will be the city in which our 60-year dream. "


Pointing out that the developments in the world should be analyzed well in order to strengthen the potential of Bursa in strategic sectors, Mayor Burkay said, ız We should read the world well. If Detroit had gone to different fields on the basis of the automotive sector at the time, it might have made a better point. San Francisco in the USA and Baden Württemberg in Germany are the cities that shape the country's economy. It is seen that cities write the success stories of the countries. ” Mayor Burkay reminded that BTSO undertook projects leading the transformation of Bursa's economy in different sectors. We wish our universities to benefit more from these projects. Because universities play a different role in the development of cities. R & D and innovation-oriented activities of our academicians and students will contribute to the development of all our sectors. Kul


Rector of BTU Dr. Arif Karademir said that Bursa has written new success stories with its production experience. Karademir of Turkey's domestic automakers, having noted the great joy of having to be produced in Bursa, "We will continue to contribute as well as a university academic in the domestic automobile process. We will continue to act together with our business world and take common steps in the coming process. Kul


Director, BTU Automotive Application and Research Center Kemal Furkan Removal, Bursa is Turkey's most important center in the automotive industry, he said: "We see it as the right decision to produce a domestic car in Bursa. Because Bursa is the most ready-made city in this sense. I found the style work of the local car very well. Turkish engineers have completely guided the project and within 14-15 months the vehicle is ready. Design a higher level than many cars sold in many of Turkey. It will be Europe's first electric SUV in the coming year. Outside lighting is much better than TESLA lighting equipment used. There is another fact in front of us. We need to spread the electric vehicle culture in Turkey. Because the world is preparing for this reality, we should be prepared for it. Kul he said.

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