New Project for the Automotive Sector from BTSO

btsodan new project for automotive sector
btsodan new project for automotive sector

Bursa's identity as a center of expertise with model projects for the business world kazanBursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) has prepared a new project for the automotive sector. With the project, which aims to increase the cooperation capability of the sector between Turkey and European Union countries, it is aimed to strengthen the foreign trade network of SMEs.

BCCI leadership in Poland, Hungary and Kilis Chamber of Commerce with the support of 'Between Turkey and the EU to find and Opportunities in the Automotive Industry Building Bridges' Project is coming to life. The project, which has a budget of nearly 1 million lira and 80% of which will be financed from European Union funds, aims to strengthen the automotive sector in foreign trade, entrepreneurship issues and related EU policies.


In the coming days, the project will start with the opening 15 100 entrepreneur women will be selected. The selected entrepreneurs will be trained on foreign trade and entrepreneurship, EU-related trainings on the automotive industry, environmental issues and intellectual property rights seminars. In addition, entrepreneurship, environmental procedures and sustainable development seminars will be held at the Kilis Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the company 25. As a result of the evaluation, entrepreneurs will also participate in B2B organizations in Poland and Hungary.


BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay stated that the automotive industry provides high added value, accelerates technological developments, and generates foreign exchange income through exports. kazanHe said that it is in the position of one of the leading locomotive sectors. Noting that automotive made a great contribution to Turkey's foreign trade volume with its exports of nearly 32 billion dollars last year, President Burkay emphasized that Bursa is one of the leading cities of the Turkish economy with its power and experience in production. President Burkay noted that Bursa has added great strength to the Turkish automotive industry with its experience of more than 50 years.


President Burkay stated that as BTSO, they increased the synergy between the sectoral council structuring for the automotive sector; with foreign fairs, SMEs have strengthened their exporters' identity. Burkay stated that they want to establish new cooperation bridges with the European Union countries, which is the most important market of the sector. We aim to establish new commercial relations in European market. We want the automotive industry to specialize in foreign trade, entrepreneurship and related EU policies. Within the scope of the project, our companies will also examine 'Good Practice' samples in Poland and Hungary on site. The project will be shared with good practice examples and also bilateral business meetings will be held between companies. I wish our project would be beneficial for our sector and our city. Proj

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