Istanbul Airport Exceeded Its Passenger Target in Its First Operation Year

Istanbul airport exceeded its passenger target in the first year of operation
Istanbul airport exceeded its passenger target in the first year of operation

As Turkey's gateway to the world at full capacity operation in Istanbul began the process Airport on April 6, 2019 the first year of operation for the result of exceeding the guaranteed 233,1 million euros Foreign Passenger Revenue by DHM state by HDI 22,4 million euros Additional payment will be made.

Istanbul Airport, which is a global hub in the first year it opened with its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, superior technology and high-level travel experience, has been in total, including domestic and international flights from April 6, 2019, when it started to serve at full capacity, until January 16, 2020. It hosted 55 million passengers.

At Istanbul Airport, where 11 new foreign airline companies operated for the first time, approximately 31 thousand flights took place from the Great Migration until December 2019, 322. In 2019, 52 million pieces of baggage were transported at Istanbul Airport, which was preferred by over 36.5 million domestic and foreign passengers. Turkey in the aviation sector by moving the top league, example to the world in the target exhibiting an airport business model is very significant distance from our Istanbul Airport 2020 between objectives include to increase the number of airline within 74 to 80.

Passenger performance of Istanbul Airport provided additional income to DHMİ…

At the Istanbul Airport, which has achieved significant success in a short period of time and became the center of attention of the international aviation community, as a result of the international passenger income of 233,1 million Euros, which was guaranteed by DHMI for the first year of operation, exceeded 255,6 million Euros. An additional payment of € 22,4 million will be made. Thus, during the 2019-month operating period in 9, İGA will exceed the number of guaranteed passengers and pay extra income to DHMI, apart from rent.

Evaluating the issue of additional payment to the state, İGA Airport Operations Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Kadri Samsunlu said, “Istanbul Airport has reached today with its own equity capital without any financial resources from the state. At Istanbul Airport, which is a global hub in its first year and welcomed 6 million 2019 thousand 31 passengers from its transition to full capacity on April 2019, 52, we are proud of our point. For 152 years, we will make a rent payment of 514 billion 25 million Euro + VAT to our state. We will pay another 22 million Euros to the state since the fee we collect from our foreign passengers from Istanbul Airport remains above the guaranteed amount. Thus, we make an additional contribution to the economy of our country. Istanbul Airport was most affected by the failure of Boeing 152 Maxs, which negatively affected the operations of our flag carrier airline company, THY. If THY was not affected by the problem caused by Boeing, the figures we would pay to our state would be even higher. We have many more goals we want to achieve at Istanbul Airport. In the following years, I think that we will make an additional payment beyond the rental fee that we will pay to our state by passing the passenger guarantee. Istanbul Airport, which is the locomotive force in the development of our country, has exhibited an exemplary performance by going beyond the projected numerical targets. Turkey's HDI, to be among the world's top 22,4 economies will continue to contribute to the goals. "He gave expression to the place.

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