Peace Spring Viaduct in Erzurum was Put into Service

peace pinari viadugu service was opened
peace pinari viadugu service was opened

One of the most important projects of the Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Peace Spring Viaduct, AK Party Deputy Chairman Prof.. Dr. Numan Kurtulmuş'un attended the ceremony was opened to service.

  1. Great attention was paid to the opening of the huge investment that connects Yıl Caddesi to Şükrüpaşa and provides great comfort in transportation. In his speech at the ceremony, AK Party Deputy Chairman Kurtmış emphasized the importance of the defense industry. Kurtuld said, “70 percent of the weapons and ammunition used in Operation Peace Spring is domestic. Turkey is not the old Turkey, 'Hot' When you say there is no beginning, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, someone will step aside and we're moving on his heroic leadership, "he said. Noting that Erzurum is one of the fortresses and symbol cities of the struggle for liberation, Kurtümüş emphasized that he was very pleased that the opening viaduct was given the name 'Peace Spring'. Kurtümüş said: “Barış Pınarı is an important operation. Because being in these lands has a heavy price. This geography, which we call the Anatolian lands and continent, has been the center of this geography, the so-called fertile crescent, the Anatolian lands, the Eastern Mediterranean, Palestinian lands, Iraq and Baghdad. They were thinking, 'Turkey ancient Turkey,' We wrote a letter back to where they are, we also stopped at the edge, where they are ', but there was something they forgot. Turkey is not the old Turkey. Fountain of Peace Operations to destroy the terrorist corridors of scenarios to eliminate the strife between bites people, were made to prevent terrorists here through nested compressed into Turkey's corner. Operation Peace Pınarı was made to close the accounts of those who wanted to reopen those accounts that were left unharmed with the heroes of our grandparents a century ago. ” AK Party Deputy Chairman Prof. Dr. In his speech, Numan Kurtümüş compared Erzurum Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen to the atomic ant. Kurtümüş said, “It is an important opportunity and chance to have the brain in Erzurum… We know that it works like an atomic ant. May Allah grant many services. The Governor of Erzurum is hardworking just like the atomic ant. Good services were done with our governors and ministers during the AK Party government ”.


Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen also said, “Our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to local governments in Turkey. kazanThanks to the reformist approach, visionary perspective and brand new horizons he opened before us, thank God we are living in such a period.” “If we look at all the periods before the AK Party, it will be seen that; Mayor Sekmen, who said that local governments gained their original identity with the AK Party, said: “Project municipality management has always come to the fore and local administration has a very special style and an elegant style. kazanTherefore, the definition of this style was “AK Municipality”, and the address of this style was undoubtedly 'AK Party Municipalities'… So much so… From city planning to regional planning in AK Party municipalities… From infrastructure engineering to superstructure arrangement… From aesthetics to culture, art and sports… Historical and cultural Many firsts have been achieved in many fields, from texture to environmental protection… A development and growth-oriented municipality model has been put forward. Thanks to our AK Party's understanding of local government…”


Mayor Mehmet Sekmen said that Erzurum became the center of attraction with the investments realized in the city. President Sekmen continued as follows: Erzurum Erzurum, which has become an attraction center with the services we produce and the projects we implement, is developing, growing and transforming with each passing day. As you may recall, this region we've been on consisted of fields and empty lands until recently…

Over time, it has grown, developed, expanded and has become one of the most magnificent settlement centers of Erzurum, which today houses hundreds of thousands of inhabitants. Although it is part of the city center, you know that; access to this region was very laborious and difficult. In line with the intense demands and expectations from you, we, how we can connect Erzurum city center and Şükrüpaşa region with each other in the shortest way, we started to search its way and we put forward this project. Thanks to this service, citizens residing in this region will have the opportunity to reach the city center in a much shorter time. Moreover, this viaduct will not only shorten the transportation distance. At the same time Şükrüpaşa will make our region much more attractive and will create a new attraction area here. Since we took office, we have been doing our best to diversify, update and adapt the transportation networks to the needs of the day. As you know, with another work we are currently conducting, we connect our Şükrüpaşa region directly to the airport road. In addition, we made a very useful underpass from the university campus to the direction of Yıldızkent and put it into service. When our work there is completed, another opening enthusiasm, I hope we will live there again. In short, we are currently developing, updating, maintaining and repairing new transportation networks all over Erzurum. Because we need service; We are not thinking about saving the day, we are thinking about the future of Erzurum and the needs of tomorrow. ın After the speeches, the giant investment was opened.

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