Prof. Dr. Good News of Rail System from Ilıcalı to Erzurum

Prof. Dr. Good News of Rail System from Ilıcalı to Erzurum: Ak Party Erzurum Deputy Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı stated that for the rail system planned to be built by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, the tender stage will be reached within 6 months.
Erzurum Deputy Dr. Ilıcalı, today in the party's building in a press conference 1 November elections after the sworn in November 17 began in the Grand National Assembly of the 1.5 monthly period and told their work.
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ercan said that they met with the deputy of the 5 AK Party in Ankara on a weekly basis in Ankara. Dr. Ilıcalı, unity and solidarity in the effort to serve in Erzurum said.
Noting that their work for the rail system planned to be built in Erzurum has been substantially completed, Prof. Dr. Ilıcalı said, “We started feasibility studies with the team we formed for the rail system in Erzurum before the elections in line with the request of our esteemed Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen. I think we will be in a position to start the tender process in the next 7 months for the rail system project, which will have a circulation of 6 kilometers. Work will begin for the rail system in 2016. TBMM Transport Commission sözcüHe said, “I will continue the necessary follow-up on the Ankara leg of the project as well”.
The most important demand of people in Erzurum is the creation of employment opportunities. Dr. Ilıcalı, call centers to move to the international level and the employment of employment projects that will create a point to work, he said.

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