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samsunda mass ulasima raise
samsunda mass ulasima raise

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which made a 31 percent increase in water and a 25 percent increase in reading after March 15, decided to raise transportation costs this time. Accordingly, the minibus prices from 3 TL were increased to 3.5 TL, and bus and tram prices from 4 TL to 4.5 TL. Consumer Protection Association (TÜKODER) Samsun Branch President Sema Onar Yaktı reacted to 18 percent hike. He burned, “What should a low-income person do? Not so many people! It is enough. This is unscrupulous. ”He invited citizens to use bicycles.

SözcüAccording to the news of İsmail Akduman from; “After the elections, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality decided to update the hike by 25 percent to the drinking water and 15 percent to the meter reading price, and to raise the buses and minibuses in Samsun at the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) meeting. Accordingly, 50 kurus to the minibuses working in the city center and 18 percent to bus and tram ticket prices. Accordingly, minibuses were increased from 3 liras to 3 liras and 50 cents, buses and tram charges were 4 TL from 4.50 liras. It was stated that the decision taken at UKOME will come into force after signing within 10 days.


Samsun TUKODER Samsun Branch Chairman Sema Onar, who stated that life becomes more difficult than other provinces, said: “The municipality made a raise of 25 to the water before the municipality. While the citizen is a victim of hikes, transportation is now being done. A citizen's monthly transportation bill 270 pounds. This is unmanned. Don't be unscrupulous. The most expensive transportation will be in Samsun ”.


Yakti said that the citizen can no longer ride the dolmus, bus or tram and said, “Our citizens will go to places by bicycle. They do sports and contribute to their economic budgets. ”


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