Both Engineer And Engineer And Teacher And Mother

Woman mechanic (tram driver-trainer) 2 children's mother Hilal Arıkan (34), who worked in light rail system in Samsun, started to work at 2007 as a machinist after she graduated from 2008 in Design Teaching. During this time he took the exam and won the civil engineering department. On the one hand Arıkan went to school to study and graduated this year. Arıkan, who is both a mechanic, a teacher, a civil engineer and a mother of two children, has won recognition with his determination and reading effort.

The light rail system, built by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and put into service on the 10 October 2010, is the 47 male, 36 female mechanic. Samulaş (Samsun Project Transportation Zoning Construction Investment Industry and Trade Co.) operates 30 tramway on the 36 kilometer line, which is operated by light rail system, while 29 is at a stop. Hilal Arikan, who is among the female mechanics, draws attention with her determination, effort and willingness to read. Arıkan graduated from 2007 in the department of design and design and started working as a light-rail machine engineer a year later. Having two children at the age of 7 and 1, Arıkan has taken the exam again in 2016 and won the Civil Engineering Department of Engineering Faculty of Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University. Arıkan, who is both working and continuing her education, graduated this year.


Arikan said that even when she was pregnant, she went to the school to study at the same time. Because my job is shifts. The morning shift starts at 36 and ends at 2. I studied in formal education. When I worked in the morning, I attended the evening classes and in the morning when I worked in the morning. That's how I completed my education. I had a very busy time. The chapter is very difficult and requires attention. I finished by working and labor. During this time I was pregnant, even though I gave birth, but I still did not disrupt my work and my school. Bu


Arıkan said that the mechanics was a difficult profession and said bir I love my job. First of all, a woman who was driving a tram was surprised by the engineer. He wondered, 'How do you do this to a lady?' People got used to it. We have proved that women can do every job without discriminating between men and women. You have to be very careful when using the tram. It's a big responsibility. Hundreds of people are entrusted to you. Yüz

Arıkan stated that he is a person who does not like to stand idle and said, boş I wanted to get a contribution in the construction field which I wanted to improve myself. The perseverance of everything and work. You need to think about how I can be better at how you can do better in your positions. I spent the rest of my engineering. Now I am both a mechanic, a teacher, a civil engineer, and most importantly, I am a mother of 2 children Artık.

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