Current Status in Kemalpaşa OSB Logistics Village

kemalpasa osb logistics dark final case
kemalpasa osb logistics dark final case

Turkey's Polat CHP will be installed in Kemalpaşa to parliamentary questions related to expropriation decisions for emergency first response came from Transport Logistics Village M. Cahit Turhan.

Parliamentary Environment Commission Member, CHP IAC Member and İzmir deputy Mahir Polat Kemalpaşa planned to be established in the district of Turkey's first Logistics Village of experienced disability questions about the proposal because of the urgent expropriation decision for Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan response came. Turhan stated that 1 thousand 315 square meters were expropriated within the scope of the project and ğ Reconciliation negotiations were made with the real estate owners of our Ministry after hastening expropriation, but no agreement was reached for almost all of the immovables. The determination and registration lawsuits have been filed and the judicial process is in progress. Bedel Minister Turhan, the project that will contribute to the employment of the region within the scope of the 20,98 million TL spending is foreseen and planned to be commissioned in 200 reported.

CHP Parker, Gulab district of Izmir, was carry Ansızca yen and planned to be established in villages Turkey's first Logistics Village of victimization experienced by local people because of the urgent expropriation decision taken for the agenda of the Parliament. Asking the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mehmet Cahin Turhan, how many people in the region are victims and what measures have been taken to resolve the conflict with them, Polat said, ih Is it true that the project in question is realized in the region known for its efficient agricultural lands? Has the fact that this project will be harmed by the fact that it will harm the people of the region economically from the agricultural sector until the stage where it will be implemented? Bu.

Minister Turhan, Polat's response to the question, Kemalpasa OSB Logistic Village in the first place of the 1 million 315 thousand 20 square meters, then the expansion area will be operating on an area of ​​approximately 3 million square meters, he stressed. Within the scope of the project, it is foreseen that the expenditure of 200 million TL is expected to be realized.

Kemalpaşa OSB Logistics Village In the expropriation plan 1. Stage and 2. The Ministry of the Council of Ministers dated 13.8.2012 and 2012 / 3600 decision of the land for the immovables remaining in the field specified as a hasty expropriation of the Minister Turhan, total 1 million 315 thousand 20,98 square meters of the area reported that the expropriated. Turhan emphasized that it was planned to replace the trees within the scope of the expropriation process, and added: indeki Expropriation Law No. 2942 does not apply to 27. According to the hasty expropriation method, the seizure fee determined by the Kemalpaşa Civil Court of First Instance was paid and the seizure decisions for the immovables were taken. After the urgent expropriation, the real estate owners of our Ministry and the Expropriation Law 2942 No. 8. Reconciliation negotiations were carried out in accordance with the Article of the Expropriation Law numbered 2942 10. In accordance with the article, the determination and registration lawsuits have been filed and the judicial process is in progress. Mad

Minister Turhan stated that Kemalpaşa OSB Logistics Village was located next to Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone and said, konum Halkapınar-Otogar Connection to be connected to Torbalı-Kemalpaşa-Alsancak Port Railway Connection and the ongoing operation of this project. Menemen is planned to be the collection center of all Aegean Region cargoes through the Bergama-Çandarlı Railway Connection, which is the continuation of Aliağa Railway and is being constructed by TCDD General Directorate. Logistics With the activation of the village, a great contribution will be made to the region in terms of employment. Acak Source: Kemalpaşa people were not convinced for Logistics

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