Derince-Bay Road Maintenance and Repair Work

Derince Korfez Road Maintenance and Repair
Derince Korfez Road Maintenance and Repair

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, tendered for the maintenance and repair of roads deformed over time. The tender for the more convenient transportation of the citizens on these roads was made for the districts of Derince and Körfez. Derince and Körfez Districts Road Maintenance and Repair Works tender was submitted by 19 company. In the tender where the approximate cost of the project is 4 million 892 thousand, the lowest bid was given by Ruben Yapı İnşaat with 3 million 160 thousand TL. The highest bid came from Atlasbk Construction Company with 4 million 760 thousand TL.

Metropolitan Municipality, the Derince and the Gulf districts of the various structures of the superstructure arrangements, maintenance and repair work was made for the tender. In this direction, 25 thousand square meters of parquet flooring, 15 thousand meters of concrete curb pavement, stormwater drain cleaning, filling, excavation and many other works will be done.

Tender offers:

Ruben Yapı İnş.

3 million 160 thousand TL

Rast Maden İnş.

3 million 548 thousand TL

Fıratoğlu Construction

3 million 566 thousand TL

Tekim Construction

3 million 566 thousand TL

Özyol Construction Construction

3 million 600 thousand TL

Ergün Kulaksız – Cengizhan İnş.

3 million 604 thousand TL

Baki Concrete

3 million 642 thousand TL

Yalaz Eng. Const.

3 million 671 thousand TL

Contact Aytaş directly Const.

3 million 691 thousand TL

Emiroğlu Investment

3 million 750 thousand TL

Gökbeyaz İnş.

3 million 783 thousand TL

Yücel Tuna Construction

3 million 879 thousand TL

Sinver Construction

3 million 918 thousand TL

Emay Architect.

3 million 928 thousand TL

Akova Youth

4 million 138 thousand TL

SYA Infr.

4 million 277 thousand TL

Contact Esmek directly

4 million 363 thousand TL

Concentrated Ins.

4 million 462 thousand TL

Atlasbk Const.

4 million 760 thousand TL

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