TEM Motorway Izmit Crossing Maintenance Will Be Closed 2 Months

tem motorway will be closed due to month of month
tem motorway will be closed due to month of month

Due to the maintenance works to be carried out between Izmit East Junction and Adapazarı Junction of the Anatolia TEM Motorway, the direction of Izmit-Adapazari will be closed between 2 and 06.30 for 18.30 months.

Sakarya Governorate, the highway's Izmit East Junction and Adapazari Junction between the work will be made by making a statement about the direction of Izmit-Adapazari 06.30 and 18.30 22 announced that it will close until July. In the statement of the Governor said: ağ In the work to be done in the direction of İzmit-Adapazarı motorway traffic will be completely closed, the traffic flow will be directed from the D-100 road at the Izmit Intersection, and following the D-100 road, Adapazarı Junction will be attended to the highway again. These studies will be carried out on 22 May Wednesday morning between 06.30 and 22 on July at 18.30. Working hours will be between 06.30-18.30. In the morning, the motorway will be closed by 06.30 and the motorway will be opened again at 18.30. In the mentioned studies, the traffic regulations will be made by taking into consideration the exams and the feast days. All necessary safety precautions will be taken during the mentioned works and traffic signs will be made. Drivers must adhere to the traffic signs and markers on the road meticulously. Sür

The statement also emphasized that the traffic regulations in the studies will be done by taking into account the exams and festivals.

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