Targets in the Eurasian Tunnel

only million vehicles from the Eurasia tunel
only million vehicles from the Eurasia tunel

25 has passed 17 million vehicles from the Eurasia Tunnel, which is guaranteed to pass a million vehicles. When the warranty could not be completed, the Treasury paid 155.6 million pounds to the related company.

The budget was open in the second month of the year, while the Treasury had new burdens. Treasury guaranteed the bridge and tunnels did not keep the targets and the bill came to the citizens. When the number of vehicles passing through the Eurasia Tunnel was below the expectation, the Treasury paid 155.6 million liras to the relevant company.

CumhuriyetAccording to the report, CHP Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan responding to the question of Akar Akçin, build-operate-transfer projects within the scope of 2018, the 9.1 million vehicles passing the Osmangazi Bridge 14.9 million, guaranteed vehicle numbers due to be paid to the operating company in April. Turhan said that the amount of the payment is at the reconciliation stage. The number of cars passing through the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge was XNUMX million. In April, the company will be paid a payment Turhan, but again did not give a figure.

The only place where Turhan announced the figure to be paid was the Eurasian Tunnel. The answer said: birim The 2018 year warranty for the Eurasian Tunnel is the 25 million 125 thousand unit vehicle, and the 17 million 91 thousand 747 units have been agreed upon. In this context, the 155 million 684 thousand 443.14 TL payments to the Treasury company were made in February 2019. Bu

Akar, the 2018 only for three projects in the Treasury will pay over $ 2 billion, he noted.

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