Istanbul Silahtarağa Tunnel was put into service

Istanbul Silahtarağa Tunnel was put into service
Istanbul Silahtarağa Tunnel was put into service

The work started last year by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Silahtaraga Tunnel was put into service. Thanks to the tunnel, the 2-kilometer distance between Gaziosmanpaşa and Eyüp was shortened to 75 meters, thus saving fuel and time.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, ges Silahtarağa Tunnel mak and, Silahtarağa Tunnel mak, which were implemented to decrease the traffic density in Eyüp Silahtarağa region, were completed. The Silahtarağa Tunnel, built by the Department of Infrastructure Services of the Department of Science Affairs of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, connects Eyüp Silahtarağa Street with Gaziosmanpaşa Street and Vardar Boulevard. Built in a single tube, the tunnel provides a two-way service. Thanks to the tunnel opening to the use of drivers, the distance of the 2 kilometer is 75 meters tunnel.

A press information program was organized for the opening of the Silahtarağa Tunnel. The program was attended by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı, Gaziosmanpaşa Mayor Hasan Tahsin Usta, Mayor of Eyüp Remzi Aydın and AK Party Eyüp Mayor Candidate Deniz Köken. Speaking at the program, IMBB Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı said that the tunnel will form an important transportation axis between Gaziosmanpaşa and Eyüp.

Baraçlı stated that the tunnel length in Istanbul along with the opened tunnel has increased to 23 kilometers and said: söyl In the coming period, we have many projects and works on 2023 and beyond about tunnels in Istanbul. We have approximately 181 kilometer tunnel road projects. This tunnel is 10 in Istanbul. tunnel road. In this way, we have signed another project that will make life easier for our citizens. Bu

In addition to making life easier with the tunnels, Baraçlı stated that they have made a great contribution to the environment and said: ın With these tunnels, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions are decreased. In addition, a distance saving of approximately 4865 kilometers is provided daily. As Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities, our goal is to make life easier for the citizen İstanbul.


Before the tunnel project was put into service, drivers who came from Eyüp-Haliç direction and wanted to go to Yıldız Tabya and Vardar Boulevard had to make a 'U' turn from the square where Alibeyköy Mosque is located. This situation caused the vehicles to travel longer and increase the traffic density in the region. Drivers coming from Eyüpsultan and going to Karadolap, Akşemsettin, Çırçır, Yeşilpınar will go directly to Vardar Street without entering Alibeyköy when the tunnel is put into service. In this way, traffic density in the region, especially Alibeyköy Square, will decrease significantly. With the shorter distances, time and fuel consumption will be saved.


With the launch of the Silahtarağa Tunnel, the number of tunnels completed in Istanbul rose to 11, while the total tunnel length increased to approximately 23. The Dolmabahçe-Levazım Tunnel with a total length of 10,5 is in progress at the Sabiha Gökçen Airport Tunnel. 2023 94,64 tunnel is planned to be commissioned in 15 and 2023 will be installed in 54,25. Thus the 13 after 2023 will relieve the traffic that will shorten the distances with 181 tunnel length 51 kilometers long across Istanbul.

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