The first woman train driver in Germany Hanife Derici Ayas retired

Germany's first female citizen Hanife Derici Ayas retired
Germany's first female citizen Hanife Derici Ayas retired

Hanife Derici Ayas, the first woman train driver in Germany, retired after 39 year. Ayas, who started to work in 1980, will now tour the world.

Hanife Derici Ayas (61), who lives in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, became a vatman at the age of 1967 in Germany, where he came with his family in 22. Ayas, the country's first female guardian, was retired after working 41 years in the city's public transport company, Bogestra. The first stop of the world tour that Ayas will travel after retirement will be Thailand.

She began his career as a sales officer told Ayas, “A German girlfriend said that the municipality is looking for a fatherland. I didn't have the courage to do this alone. I said, 'Let's both go.' We started working at 1980 as the country's first women's homeland. The first tram I used was the 1969 model. Then came the modern trams. I used four different models of tram in my professional life. 30 was involved in the accident.

The queen of the rails, who explained that she raised two children alone while she was a husband, said, iki The Turks, who learned that I was a Turk, took pride in being on the tram. When Bursaray was founded in 2003, I trained with four engineers in Bursa. I'm proud of that. I've been fixing minor breakdowns on the tram. Homeland brought me discipline, punctuality and planned life.(Sabah)



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