Citizen Wants Night Expedition in IZBAN

Citizens living in the northern districts of Izmir, İZBAN night voyages in the absence of night flights said that the victimization. Especially those who had to catch the plane in the mornings and the night 24: 00: XNUMX after landing landing in the northern districts have experienced problems in the transportation by drawing attention to the authorities were asked.

İZBAN, which is the target of the criticism of the citizen with the plus money system, is also getting the reaction from the İzmir residents with the failure to comply with the flight times and the night flights. Previously launched in campaign over a short period of more than a thousand people in the 15 signature, although the authorities said it was not possible to make night voyage rejected this request. Especially during the morning hours and airplane hours are not compatible with many citizens because of the time of the flight, the authorities explain the reasons for the safety of night voyages on the grounds that it was not enough for those who use İZBAN.


Advocating that transportation is a public service and should be organized without profit or regardless of the number of passengers, citizens of Izmir said, “We want to travel in Izmir at night and go to our house easily. Before people go from one place to another, 'what time is the last subway', 'If I leave at this time, can I catch up with ESHOT', 'My flight lands at Izmir at 1 am; Menemen, how can I go to Aliağa? If a person who will go from Konak to Aliağa is finished at 11, he must first go to İzmir metro and go to Hilal or Halkapınar stations. He travels about 1 hour between Halkapınar and Aliağa. This shows that when he arrived at Aliağa, it was 12.30. For transportation, you can not find ESHOT or city bus services. So even if the night time is every half an hour or every hour, it helps people relax a little bit. There are great difficulties in order to go to the districts on the north side of İzmir. HAVAŞ has no flights to Aliağa or Menemen or Dikili. ” He expressed his reactions.


On the other hand, in the statement made by İZBAN officials, “Both rail systems operate 20 hours each day. In the middle of the night between 01.00 and 05:00, while the daily maintenance and cleaning of the sets, which complete their voyages during the day, maintenance and controls are carried out on the line and catheter for the system to be prepared without any problem after a day, if any, problems are solved. These maintenance and practices for the safety of our passengers continue as weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual heavy maintenance. At this point, since the most important issue is passenger safety, it is not possible to go after midnight. ” The statement said.


Citizens who say that night transport is a big problem especially for students and businessmen N 7: Someone who has a plane at 00 should be at the airport at least an hour before. The time to be at the airport at 6 the latest hours from Aliaga 4: 00 must be set off. However, the first time from Aliağa 5: 37'de starts and 7: 08'de airport. İZBAN authorities can reduce the number of wagons and reduce the frequency of voyages by putting an additional time on the hour. In the same way, Adnan Menderes'ten Aliaga'ya last time 23: 14'te. So if your night plane lands at 24: 00, you can't come to Aliağa. HAVAŞ'in this region because of the lack of service is a great victimization. İZBAN flights should be arranged from Adnan Menderes according to the flight times and Aliağa. We expect authorities to resolve this issue as soon as possible Yet.

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