Metro failure in Ankara has made passengers crazy

In Ankara, the failure of the subway made the passengers mad: the failure that occurred on the Kızılay-Çayyolu subway route in Ankara caused a discussion between the citizens who were late for work and the officers.

As the M1 Line, the subway car, which ran the expedition, failed as for the Necatibey stop. When not moving for a long time from the subway wagons to the station, many passengers before the security guards, then the subway driver (vatman) discussed with. Stinging in the horn of the subway and calling the passengers to ride the wagons, the crowd made the crowd very much. The nerves of the citizens who come to the officers to come to the chief, the chief was not stretched thoroughly. In the meantime, some of the citizens, for the reaction punched the subway car. Tension subsided after failure.

Moving moments in the incident yesterday morning were reflected in mobile phone cameras.


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