Eastern Express Full'n O Tren Photo Title Exhibition Opened at Kars Railway Station

The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan, inaugurated the exhibition titled Türk Telekom Eastern Express National Photography Contest at Kars Train Station, titled daki O Tren An.

Speaking at the opening Arslan, Eastern Express train consisting of photographs taken on the route of the 42 work will be opened in other provinces, he said.

Recalling that the first rail was laid between İzmir and Aydın in the 1856 year, Arslan said, ilk 162 has been the year since the first rail was laid. The railway has added value to our country and our past in our one and a half century journey. The train is a history that symbolizes our sorrows, joys, separations, reunions. Imizi

Arslan emphasized that trains carry soldiers, ammunition, veterans, hopes and enthusiasm for the future of the country in peace days. XnumX has said that trains do not only carry people, but carry the destiny and values ​​of the country.

”There are memories and dreams of millions of people on Eastern Express“

Arslan stated that the most vivid periods of the Turkish cultural life of the Eastern Express were lived, and that the memory of millions of people, the dreams of which were held and the hopes of the people moving up to this day. 1950-2 has been completely refurbished year after year. We have also made our trains running on this line more modern, equipped with modern technology. Bu

Stating that the exhibition was opened after a competition and that the participation in the Eastern Express will be increased in the coming years, Arslan said, katılım We took a thousand 440 photos of the 529 artist. They were all worthwhile, but the jury was obliged to sort it out and put forward. As a result of the evaluation of the jury, they selected the 3 to display the 3, which received the 42 honorable mention. J

After the speeches, Minister Arslan, Kars Governor Rahmi Dogan, Mayor Murtaza Karaçanta, General Director of TCDD Transportation Inc. Veysi Kurt and some members of the province protocol Türk Telekom Eastern Express National Photography Contest was the opening of the full Doğan O isi An exhibition.

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