10 Thousand Lira Award For The Most Beautiful Frame of the East Express

thousand pounds for the best square of east express
thousand pounds for the best square of east express

📩 04/06/2019 14:51

Photo contest is hosted by TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ under the auspices of Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

Applications for the X Tam O An ”Eastern Express National Photography Contest, which will take place on the route between Ankara and Kars, started at 2 May 2019. Applications 21 will continue until June.

This year the competition will be held in the second, the first one 10 thousand pounds, the second one 7 thousand pounds, the third one will be rewarded a thousand pounds 5. In the competition, the three nominees will receive 3'er thousand pounds.

The photographs taken on the Eastern Express route will be evaluated and amateur or professional photographer interested in 18 will be able to participate.

40 photo to be determined by the jury will be exhibited in Ankara. The owners of the photos in question will be paid the 300 liras royalty fee.

Amateur Photographers Association President Koray Olsen's competition takes place among members of the jury, will be held with the approval of Turkey Photographic Arts Federation.

The competition will be available until June 21. Details about the application and other conditions,www.tfsf.org.t is" with "www.tcddtasimacilik.gov.t is”Will be available at.

441 photographer participated in last year's contest with a thousand 529 works. To see photos from last year CLICK HERE

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