Köseköy and Derbent Commuter Train Fees

Recently, TCDD Adapazarı, Mithatpaşa, Izmit and Pendik between the suburban train started to take passengers from Köseköy and Büyükderbent stations. Due to the application of High Speed ​​Train (YHT) by TCDD to shorten the journey between Ankara and Istanbul, passenger reception at Köseköy and Büyükderbent stations was terminated.

Adapazarı-Pendik commuter trains started to stop again at Köseköy and Derbent.

TCDD announced the public in the price list. 18 last minute Izmit-Büyükderbent 5.50 pounds; The Izmit-Köseköy route, which lasted for 10 minutes, was determined as 4.50 lira.

60 is younger than age and other discount categories are charged less than 1 lira

Source : I www.kocaelizirve.co



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