Sovereignty Intersection Is Opening

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, one of the city's biggest problems to eliminate the traffic chaos is one of the intersection of intersection projects, which has completed the work at the Sovereignty Interchange. The Sovereignty of the Sovereignty will be opened at the 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day.

All teams of the Metropolitan Municipality continue to work at full speed in order to be able to present the Sovereignty Interchange Junction project, which is implemented for the purpose of solving the traffic density. 23 April 4 National Sovereignty and Children's Day, which will be opened in the service of the intersection of the junction continues to work in four branches.

With the efforts to improve and develop the important locations in Mersin traffic, the Metropolitan Municipality completed the 98 of the Sovereignty Crossroads, which was completed by the citizens of Mersin. The junction, which was completed as a result of the work carried out by the teams day and night, counts the days to offer them to the service of the people of Mersin.

Project cost 20.500.000 TL

It is located at the intersection of H. Okan Merzeci and Universite intersection with the intersection of Sovereignty Interchange, Yenişehir and Mezitli district, which has been completed with a record speed in a short period of five months in Mersin and realized with the project cost of approximately 20.500.000 TL.

Infrastructure, asphalt, curb and pavement works are completed at the Egemenlik Interchange, which is the third booming project of Mersin, which is realized within the scope of the Transportation Master Plan, while traffic signs, electrical systems, signaling and landscaping work continue.

Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to work at full speed in order to open the Sovereign Multi-Storey Project, which has been implemented as a Metropolitan Municipality for the purpose of solving traffic density, on April 3, National Sovereignty and Children's Day, has sunk in the east-west direction, 2 lanes going, 2 lanes The return and side roads are designed as two lanes on both sides, while University Avenue is designed as 2 × 3 lanes. In the project where the 'u' turn was given before coming to the junction in the west direction, precautions were taken against the unnecessary increase in the intensity of the signalized junction. With the multi-storey intersection project that will add value to Mersin, the damage to the environment will be minimized.

Interchange project will contribute to Mersin's economy

With Hüseyin Okan Merzeci-University Junction, the waiting time of citizens in traffic will be reduced, fuel savings will be achieved and emissions will be reduced. kazanIt will contribute to both Mersin's economy and the country's economy. By reducing the waiting time in traffic, exhaust emissions will be reduced and air pollution caused by motor vehicles will be reduced. This project is worth 21.616.812 TL in total. kazanit provides to the national economy with kazanIn addition to this, it is also very large in terms of time and environment. kazanwill provide.

Mersin was an exemplary city with its Bat-out studies

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which has been carrying out works that have never been seen in the history of Mersin since the day it took office and breathing the traffic with the projects realized in the city, is moving towards becoming an example city in the transportation works.

The Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which made fundamental changes in the field of transportation, first identified the transportation needs of the city until 2030 and formed the Ulaşım Mersin Transportation Master Plan Ulaşım. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is very comprehensive in this plan, pedestrian priority projects, rail systems, bat-outs, intersections, signalization, transfer stations, pedestrian walking and cycling routes with the Master Plan of Transportation is the era of Mersin.

First of all, the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which has opened the vessels, has opened the Bat-Çık Storey Junction as part of the Bat-Çık works.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, who did not lose his time immediately after the completion of the well-known Bat-Çık Project in the city, laid the foundation of the Democracy Interchange, the city's second-storey junction. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which completed the Democracy Bat-Jun Junction in a short time after the uninterrupted work, completed the Sovereignty Junction, which will be opened in 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day, in a short period of five months.

Mersin, such as the project for the first time a project like a late bite of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz stating that they see as a service, the new plans and applications to be done in the city will be prevented by the problem of traffic said. . One of the biggest problems of Mersin is the traffic problem. When we came to office, we made an adequate and conscious transportation work in Mersin. We said, 'We will overcome the era of transportation in Mersin' and we put into practice the Master Plan of transportation which is the transportation route of the city. Without losing any time, we started our Bat-Çık projects, one of the late projects in Mersin. Since the day we took office, we have implemented three Bat-Out projects in the critical points of Mersin traffic and we will realize many successful projects in the field of transportation. We are determined to solve the traffic problem of Mersin. Mersin

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