Native Snow Removal Tool Tested at SAMULAŞ Plants

In order to prevent the light rail system route to be closed in heavy snowfall in Samsun, the domestic snowblower was tested by transporting snow to the city center by truck.

Samsun's light rail system will be used to close the route of heavy snowfall in the domestic snow spray machine, city center during the winter due to snow does not snow by moving the truck was tested.

28 tram belonging to Samsun Light Rail System Inc. (SAMULAŞ), which is affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality, transports around a thousand passengers per day. 50 kilometer-long line rails, closing in winter due to heavy snowfall, transportation failure to take action in the Turkish engineers, the price of the 300 thousand euros in a snow-throwing machine 5 thousand pounds in a short time as 50 thousand pounds.

In Samsun, two months waiting for the machine to test the snowfall authorities, the city center, a truck from the ski resort in the town of Ladik SAMULAŞ'ın snow brought to the facilities. The machine where the tests were performed worked successfully.

SAMULAŞ General Manager Kadir Gürkan said that both sides of the rails are covered with concrete sets because the tram line makes fast passenger transportation.

Gürkan pointed out that cleaning the snow accumulated on the line during heavy snowfall creates problems, instead of importing the snow blower, he told us that they produced in Samsun.

Gürkan stated that SAMULAŞ produced a joint project with a company in Samsun with its R & D and maintenance team and continued as follows:

Kar We produced the snowblower that we had to import from abroad. We installed this machine, known as the snowblower, on our rail and road vehicle. This machine was designed to throw snow off the rails during heavy snowfall. Thanks to the machine we cost about 50 thousand pounds, we achieved an average 150 thousand pounds profit. In addition, this machine was the first local and national snow blasting machine will be used on the rail system in Turkey. "

Gürkan emphasized that they wait for two months to test the machine, they find the solution in the snow when it does not snow, “We tested the machine with a truck that we brought from high sections to our facility because of not snowing to the city center. Machine tests passed successfully, no matter when there is heavy snowfall, there will be no problems in tram transportation. ”

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