Historical Basmane Station to host Medical Day Activities

Conversations, conferences, exhibitions, film screenings and concerts will be held within the scope of March 14 Medicine Day Week in İzmir.

The statement made by the Izmir Medical Chamber about the Medical Day event is as follows;

The 14 March process is one of the important periods in which our demands and problems regarding the medical and health environment are expressed.

As İzmir Medical Chamber, we try to express the problems and solution suggestions that we determined to be important and priority to physicians in every environment. We share our views with MPs, political parties and the Ministry of Health.

In this process, we will continue to be the follower of many priorities such as increasing pensions, increasing basic salaries to the level of military and judicial personnel, arranging attrition share, increasing fixed revolving funds, making arrangements on violence in health and working after seizures.

Dear colleagues,

14 March Medical Day will be celebrated in İzmir with the activities organized by the institutions that came together with the Izmir Medical Chamber.

The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continued to support the deaning departments of our faculties providing medical education in Izmir and the regulatory board, which also includes the Izmir Provincial Health Directorate. TCCD Izmir Regional Directorate has become one of our stakeholder institutions this year.

As every year, official ceremonies will begin with ceremonies in front of the Atatürk Monument on Cumhuriyet Square in 14 March and will continue at the Ege University Atatürk Cultural Center in Konak.

After the opening speeches, the plates and documents will be presented to our colleagues who have completed the year of 40 and the ceremony will continue with the presentation of Prof. Dr. Sait EĞRİLMEZ's' Medicine in Folk Songs ”.

After 14 March official ceremonies, Basmane Station will be opened.

As it can be understood from the shared program, this year's celebrations will be presented to you, our dear colleagues, and the Izmir History Exhibition (14-28 Mart) which has not been included in the program in previous years.

Haldun Cezayirlioğlu's Homeland Hospitals Photography Exhibition and Dr. Turhan Sofuoğlu's Ambulance Models Exhibition will take place.

Another prominent element of the exhibition will be the TCDD Medical Wagon, which started to serve in 1920 years. This car, which was produced in Germany at 1908, brought health services to many places where the railroad could reach in Anatolia with the participation of equipment and physicians in charge.

The Exhibition of History of Health at Basmane Station was enriched with Public Conferences.

We invite our colleagues who are interested in the detailed history of TCCD Medical Wagon and the history of health in İzmir to attend public conferences.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Exhibition Organizing Committee for their devoted and constructive contributions in the process of presenting the 14 Mart Health History Exhibition to you and the people of Izmir.

The Board of Directors of the Izmir Medical Chamber has decided to commemorate the exalted memory of Dr Mert ÖZBAKKALOĞLU, who lost his name unforgettable with his devoted contributions to the work of the Izmir Medical Chamber, which we lost in the last year of the History of Health Exhibition for the first time.

Within the scope of 14 March Medical Day activities,

Prof. Dr. Oğuz DİCLE, 13 March Tuesday, Atatürk Training and Research Hospital Hospital “Interview on Health with Stories gerçekleştir will conduct an interview.

Dr. Tuhan Sofuoğlu, 15 March Thursday, Tepecik Training and Research Hospital, İzmir Izmir Hospitals in History ”will make a presentation.

Dr. Neşe Ekinci's exhibition titled Tıp Medicine with Cross-Stitch, will be open between March 12-20 in Izmir Medical Chamber Orhan Süren Meeting Hall.

13 On Tuesday evening, the movie “120 in Heartbeat Per Minute” will be screened at Karaca Cinema. Tickets can be obtained from our room.



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