President Türel, drivers participated in the Ahde Vefa Night

Antalya Chamber of Drivers and Automobile cil Ahde Vefa ”participating in the night President Turel, the ongoing projects to relieve the city traffic will benefit most of the tradesmen, he said. Drivers and Vehicle Turkey Federation Chairman Fevzi Apaydin, President lauded the services Turel, "not just a brain in this city, you have a mayor who also provided the body. Antalya is very lucky ”.

Antalya Chauffeur and Automobile Chamber organized a night of honor for members of the veteran.

Antalya Mayor Menderes Turel, Turkey Tradesmen and Artisans Confederation (TESK) Deputy Chairman and Turkey Drivers and Vehicle Owners Association Chairman Fevzi Apaydin, Izmir Tradesmen and Artisans Association (AESOB), President of numerous ceremony with the participation of the driver trades with Adlıh the river, the profession Plaques were given to the drivers who completed 30 year.

Mayor Menderes Türel in his speech at the night, “Ahde Vefa” expressed his pleasure to be on the night of chauffeur tradesmen. Mayor Türel said, ak If we forget the respect for our elders, we will lose our future. Experience is one of the only things in life that cannot be bought in any way. You try to learn the experience by reading the book, but the grocery store is not sold grocery. ”

Emphasizing that traffic and transportation are an integral part of local governments, Mayor Türel stated that they attach great importance to studies related to transportation, public transportation and traffic regulations. Türel said, “While we strive for the realization of these works in the best way, we always try to discredit the works we do, which must be a strange quirk of politics. These efforts are taken to different points with a number of disinformation campaigns, ie false information campaigns..

Stating that they have adopted the mission of reducing the traffic problem of Antalya according to growing needs, President Türel said that the main solution of the traffic is to promote public transportation.

Türel said that even though 1 was the election year, he realized that 99 percent of his promises were fulfilled. We have promised 19 intersection, we have made 27 intersection with Highways. He will find 35 towards the end of the year. We have already opened an intersection almost as many times as promised 2. We have added the 11 kilometer Expo-Meydan line to the 18 kilometer rail system. 27 this month's 3. Our tender for the stage rail system line will be held and by adding another 23 kilometer, we will connect Antalya with the rail system network which is close to 60 kilometers. ”

Most of the trades of the driver about traffic regulations that would benefit the emphasis President Turel, "We are working with Turkey's most important transportation experts. With a single junction arrangement, the 60 recovery rate is achieved. 17 million pounds a year remains in the pocket of the citizen. Because you used to wait there a lot at the red light, wasting fuel. Besides wasting fuel, you were wasting most of your time. He's worth something, too. These are scientifically calculated by transportation engineers. They bring it in front of us, kul he said.

Turkey Drivers and President of Automobile Federation Fevzi stating that I was very lucky because of Apaydin in Antalyalılar have a president like Menderes Turel, "not just a brain in this city, we have a mayor who also provided the body. I sincerely congratulate my mayor for seeing them intertwined with tradesmen and craftsmen. ”

AESOB President Adlıhan Dere and Antalya Chamber of Drivers President Mehmet Ali Alkan always thanked the President Türel for the presence of tradesmen. At the end of the night plaques were presented to tradesmen who have been members of the Antalya Chamber of Drivers since 1988 and who have completed the 30 year in the profession.

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