Water Failure in Mamak District due to Başkentray Works

Ankara Water and Sewerage Administration (ASKİ) announced that a water cut will be made in the big district of Ankara. Here are the hours when water cuts will end ...

According to the statement made by ASKI, waters will be cut in Mamak district of Ankara due to "high speed train and suburban line works". The water cut, which will start at 7:2018 on Wednesday, January 08, 00, will last for 8 hours until Thursday, January 2018, 17, at 00:33.

In the statement made by ASKİ; ”Due to the high-speed train and suburban line works, the Ø700 mm diameter ductile drinking water pipeline, which feeds some neighborhoods of our Mamak District, will be connected to the drinking water pipeline previously laid at 5 points for 33 hours in our Neighborhoods (07.02.2018). water cuts will be made between 08.00 and 08.02.2012 between 17.00) ”were used.


Constanta Neighborhood

Üreğil Neighborhood

Bosphorus Quarter

Dutluk District

Fahri Korutürk Neighborhood

Small Kayaş Neighborhood

Great Kayaş Neighborhood

Sahap Gurler Neighborhood

Ortaköy Neighborhood

Tepecik District

ASKI officials stated that the time of the breakdown could vary for a few hours depending on the location and the size of the fault.

As News Ankara, we advise our citizens living in these areas to be cautious against water cuts.

Source : I www.haberankara.co

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