Striking Explanations from MUSIAD for Samsun Logistics Village

MUSIAD Branch President Tan, explaining that no opinion was received from the companies during the construction of the Logistics Village, said, “It is wrong for companies not to get their opinion on this issue. National firms have already built their own warehouses outside the city, ”he said.

AK Party Samsun Deputy Hasan Basri Kurt visited the Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MÜSİAD) Samsun Branch. During the visit, the statement made by MUSIAD Samsun Branch President Haluk Tan about the Logistics Village, which cost 50 million Euros, was marked.

Saying that it is not right to not get ideas from the relevant companies during the construction of the Logistics Village, which was built in Aşağıçinik Town of Tekkeköy district of Samsun and could not be completed in the specified period, Tan said, “Because in such projects, businessmen in the sector may have future investments and projects. . Those who want to wait for such a project may stop their investments. As far as I know, a few companies have kept warehouses outside the city or Sampa built their own warehouse. It is now very difficult to attract these manufacturers to the Logistics village. Investments have been made. Future jobs are planned. Also, will the Rail system pass through the Logistics Village? ' We would like to be informed on this matter ”.

Tan continued as follows; “As MUSIAD, one of our most important understandings from the first day to this day has always been to gather on common ground. We have heard this statement at our MÜSİAD Headquarters for 15 years. Those who act by uniting become stronger. They're right. But we could not do this in Anatolian lands. If we cannot unite, our own knowledge and equipment will also disappear. I think we need to act faster on this issue. In addition, it has been said for years that industrialists, academics and statesmen should consult on the unification. I think the new KUSI work will be good in this context. ' said.

AK Party Samsun Deputy Mr. Hasan Basri Kurt said the following; “Yes, the railway will pass through the logistics village. Another issue is the implementation phase of the projects. You are right about this. For example, instead of passing the railway there, this project could be put on the railway line directly. But while a project is being made, you have to pay attention to the climate of the region, its environment, its place in logistics and similar features. After all of these are evaluated, projects can be implemented. In addition, we should not be afraid of making investments abroad, ”he said.

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