Second Eastern Express will be available

New East Express Ticket Prices and Timetables
New East Express Ticket Prices and Timetables

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The second of the Eastern Express, where interest has increased in recent years, is coming… However, there is a lot of reason for us to say that this step has not been taken with the citizens in mind. Increases pre-attraction.

While the demand for the Eastern Express is gradually increasing, it was even decided to put a second train on it.

Kars Mayor Murtaza Karaçanta said in a statement on the subject, "The Ministry of Transport has requested to take off the second train, the 2nd Eastern Express is coming very soon."

Dogu Express was recently brought to the agenda when its tickets fell on the black market. It is possible to say that this step taken is opening a new door to AKP's money ambition…

The fact that the second of the Eastern Express will land on the rails has led many people to expect “we will find tickets now”.

Yes, the probability of finding tickets is a little more, but this will not happen again through TCDD.

Let's briefly explain…

It has been impossible for a long time to find a place in the Eastern Express, especially in the weeks corresponding to the holiday. The most important reason for this is that the tour companies take all the tickets under their hand with a “covered” agreement with TCDD before the tickets go on sale.

Haber soL brought the issue to the agenda before and added to the events before the New Year: “When the return is taken, tickets that do not exceed 200 TL cannot be reached, and the tour companies purchase Kars tours, which also include a series of routes in the city, and an average of 2 thousand TL. It brings. According to the rules, although the tickets are offered for sale 1 month in advance, it can be seen that tour companies have been sold even in March on their trips to Kars, even though there is no place left. It seems that the Eastern Express is left at the mercy of tour companies. It was noticeable which companies sold these tickets for what fee. "

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