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Eskişehir tram times, Eskişehir living, everyone who comes to visit the most curious about transportation issues. We also compiled the working hours and working hours of tram lines operating in Eskişehir. You can find answers to all of the questions about flight times, voyage times, how many minutes, frequency of voyages, where to go, where ESTRAM is going

Eskişehir tram, which has become an indispensable part of Eskişehir transportation, stops, stops, working hours, lines are wondered.

Eskişehir Tramvay - ESTRAM, an tı award-winning seçil transportation system, was awarded the Light Rail System of the Year at the international award of 14 years ago.

Eskişehir tram - ESTRAM lines
Eskişehir tram, ESTRAM with its short name, currently works in Eskişehir:

Bus Station - SSK Line
Osmangazi - SSK Line
Osmangazi - Bus Station
Emek / 71 Houses - Opera Line
Çamlıca Line
Batıkent Line
Yenikent - Cankaya Line

Eskişehir Tram times available
Emek / 71 Houses - On the Opera line, the first move to Opera is in 06.10 from Açelya and the last departure is in 23.45.
The first departure from Opera is in 06.18 and the last departure is in 23.45.
The azalea, the first day of the bazaar tram direction xnumx't time clock, and the last time the clock in 06.24, the first time the day of the bazaar in the direction of the Opera 23.512, the last time in 06.07 hours.
Labor / 71 Houses - Opera Eskisehir tram line in trip frequency at a time 06.10-21.46 13 minutes between times, between 21.46-23.45 hours at a time to be carried 17 minutes.

Osmangazi University - at the Çankaya ring line, the first move in 05.50 from Osmangazi, while the last departure in 23.30, 06.10 the first departure in Cankaya, the last time in 23.50 sales.
Osmangazi University - Çankaya ESTRAM ring line service hours are carried out in 20 every minute. From the bus station to Çankaya, the flight times are at 05.20 and 05.40, and the departure times from Çankaya to Otogar are at 23.30 and 23.50.

Osmangazi University - SSK Eskişehir tram times are as follows;
The first departure from Osmangazi 06.24, the first departure from SSK 06.24, the last departure in both directions at 23.45 time. 13 made a tram ride every minute on the Osmangazi - SSK line, from Çarşı to SSK direction and to Osmangazi for the first departure 06.39 and the last departure at 00.00.

Eskişehir tram service times, Otogar - Osmangazi line information about follows;
The first departure from the bus station 05.54, the last departure 23.40, the first departure from Osmangazi 06.30, the last departure 00.18;
The first departure from the Municipality to Osmangazi 06.08, the last departure 23.54, the first departure from the Municipality to the bus station 06.44, is taking place at the last departure 00.31. Tram services 13 takes place every minute.


In the bus station - SSK line, the first departure from the bus station is 05.44, the last departure is at 23.47, the first departure from SSK is 06.18 and the last departure is at 00.23. From the Bazaar to the SSK direction, the first tram runs at 06.00 and the last tram at 00.04.
From the Bazaar to the bus station, the first tram departure time is 06.33, the last tram's departure time is 00.38.

On the SSK - Batıkent Ring Line, the 2018 year tram schedules are as follows;
06.02, the first tramway time from SSK, is at 23.25, the first departure time from Batıkent is at 06.32 and the last departure at 23.55 is at XNUMX.
This ESTRAM Eskişehir tram line, the frequency of the 06.32-23.20 time between the 18 23.20 minutes, and 23.55-35 XNUMX minutes in the form of a minute.
Buses from the Bus Station to the direction of the 05.28 - 05.46 and 06.04'de organized, from Batıkent to the bus station in the direction of 22.44 - 23.20 and 23.55'de organized.

SSK - Çamlica time between working Eskisehir tram timetable, the first time the Social Security 06.11 direction, the last time 23.35, 06.27 hours Çamlica direction of the first time, last time was held in the form of 23.51 hours.
In the 2018 06.27 minutes when a tram moving in between the tram line 23.15-18 hours, 23.15 - 23.51 between the hours of time off a tram in 36 minutes.
From Otogar to Çamlıca, 05.37 and 05.55, and from Çamlıcan to Otogar, 22.57 and 23.51 hours are organized.

Eskisehir transport and Eskisehir that is most curious in public transport issues and that is most important Eskisehir tram clocks, tram timetable, Eskisehir tram time frequency, timetables information will be held in this way for years 2018.

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