Turkish-Chinese partnership to produce locomotives in Afyonkarahisar

CRRC company officials Marketing Manager Tiger Lee, repair and after-sales support supervisor then Li Jun, Turkey Marketing manager Fu Lu and marketing assistant manager Fang Guiming Dinara visited the Acer They Wagon firm.

Latest technology hybrit and diesel locomotives are Acer and producing all over the world and markets CRRC company cars are Acer for locomotive production Wagon 'produce in the flour Dinar facility, and Turkey signed a goodwill agreement in principle agreement to market jointly the European market.

CRRC marketing manager Tiger Lee in his speech, in the Chinese city of Ziyang 1.700.000 m2 200.000 personnel in a field of locomotive, high-speed rail, railways, such as trains for rail systems, they produce the world said. Vietnam, Turkmenistan, manufacture our locomotives in countries such as Kazakhstan, the world's 25 until they are exporting countries, their results were preliminary investigations indicate that they decided to also produce locomotives in Turkey.

Acarlar wagon board chairman Saffet Acar said in a statement: “From a logistical point of view, Dinar is at a very important point in terms of both highway and railway. Also very close to air and sea routes. CRRC officials examined our factory site and were very pleased with themselves. We want to produce the latest technology locomotives and provide added value to our country. I hope it will be good for our Dinar and our country. Um

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