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The front row is reserved for them. The hall fluctuates every time they enter the door. The fingers instantly said, "Look, he's here too?" he marks. Flashes explode on them. They are like bosses of Maserati, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Volkswagen Pagani, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Ford, Chrysler. Or those who will replace them. The kings of the rail transport I speak of. Our location is the InnoTrans International Fair, where all the elements of railway transportation are exhibited every two years in Berlin… As in automobile fairs, transport vehicles are lined up outside. Thousands of people have cameras in their hands, shooting giant wagons and locomotives.


The General Director of TCDD, Süleyman Karaman, whom we came to the fair, we witness the scenes that will be really proud when you take us to a field. Automobile production lagging in Turkey, broke the crust of the light rail transport locomotives and wagons. Not only that, but also the production of every piece used. As we wander around the area, we encounter a large number of people wrapped around a light rail train, as if it had been gathered around a latest model car.

As they take photos of each side, they take photos together. The producer of the% 99 part of this train called Silkworm is Turkish company. Durmazlar… Right behind is the electric locomotive, which is the joint production of GE and the Turkish company TÜLOMSAŞ. There are also modern wagons produced by the Turkish company TÜVASAŞ. Each of them has made international connections. Sales were also made to some EU countries, especially to the UK. When we enter the fair area, the self-confidence of Turkish companies producing spare parts also affects us. For example, Özkan Demir firm officials proudly announce that they are selling the connection product called “seiet”, which connects rails and travertines, to many European countries. Notably in the automobile industry remains quite back to Turkey, as I mentioned, is taking a serious step backward in railway transport as many years. The following words of TCDD General Manager Karaman also strengthen this claim: “We have just started now, we have come forward. We will definitely be among the top 2023 of the industry in 10. "


In the opening of the fair, the bosses of this period told the future of railway transportation.
The EU's Commissioner for Transport stated that 20% of the people in Europe still use the railway, and with an investment of 50 billion Euros, all domestic railways in Europe will be connected with airports.

He says that the investment they made this year is 5 billion Euros. Turkey and explains the objectives are to be connected to Asia via Russia. The Turkish industry, which is an important transition point in the goal set by the EU, has opened a good shop since today. It is certain that the investment made by the Ministry of Transport in the railway has a great contribution to this.

Source : I www.haberturk.co

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