Paragliding Trial at Muratdağı Thermal Ski Center

Gediz District Governorate, Gediz Municipality and Youth Services and Sports District Directorate are working together with Tandem Paragliding.

Babadağ Tandem Paragliding Pilots Şenol ARAT, Bora KÜÇÜKYILMAZ and Candemir YILMAZ made their first flights in the study which aims to integrate nature and nature with sun and thyme scents.

The company and its pilots, who evaluated the individual flights and surveys and meteorology data, gave their full flights by making their double flights and stating that Muratdağ was suitable for paragliding.

Skywalkers Paragliding company Gediz District Governor Muhammet ÖNDER, Gediz Youth Services and Sports District Manager Muhammed KESKİN, Muratdağı Manager Hakan SÖNMEZ and Musa AKAY made their first flights. Approximately 2 hours of flight in small air from the summit of 20 airfield descents XNUMX minutes to be established, which will be established Muratdağı Thermal Ski Center ropeway system by addressing every section of the "morning skiing, midday, relaxing in the thermal bath center, evening sunset between thyme and pine smells of the watch" with the slogan promotion is intended.

Gediz Governor Muhammet ÖNDER, X I personally live this perfect event in Kütahya and Muratdağimuz 4 seasonal tourism to get better, Kay he said.

Dr. Muratdağı is extremely suitable for nature sports, highlighting the Mayor Dr. Gediz. Mehmed Ali SARAOĞLU stated that bugün Muratdağ is suitable for single and tandem flights and 4 sorties have been carried out to date.

famous for its natural beauty, with a high tourism potential of the Muratdağı Gediz Thermal Tourism Center in Turkey and we are continuing our efforts to promote the world.

Our goal is to make our district a tourism center. We are trying to provide the best service to our citizens by using the opportunities we have at their best. Biz

In the period of skiing, the activities of snow and parachute concept will continue and the planning of Youth Services and Sports District Director Mohammed KESKİN International Paragliding Center Muratdag wanted to move and thanked everyone who gave support. Our pilots were honored by our Mayor of Gediz.

AK Party Kutahya deputy Ahmet TAN, Gediz Governor Muhammet ÖNDER and Gediz Mayor Dr. The project, implemented with the support of Mehmed Ali SARAOĞLU, has been a work that will add value to our Kütahya and Muratdağ. Meh

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