Outdoor Sports Festival Held at Sat Glacial Lakes in Hakkari

nature sports festival was held at the sat glacier goals in hakkari
nature sports festival was held at the sat glacier goals in hakkari

The Sat Glacier Lakes on the İkiyaka Mountains in Yüksekova, which was declared a "National Park" within the scope of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's decision published in the Official Gazette, are cheering up with culture, art and sports activities. Natural beauties in the region kazanThe festival, organized for the second time by the Cilo Sat Lakes and Glaciers Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports Association (CISAD), with the support of the Governor's Office, was colorful.

In the festival attended by nearly 1000 local and foreign nature lovers and athletes, the campers gathered around the campfire in the evening and had fun dancing the halay to the accompaniment of Turkish and Kurdish folk songs.

Paragliding, Canoeing and Mountain Biking Activities Also Held

Activities such as trekking, paragliding, canoeing, swimming and mountain biking were also held at the festival, which attracted great attention.

Governor and Deputy Mayor İdris Akbıyık visited the festival area together with Yüksekova 3rd Infantry Division Commander Major General Muammer Alper, Yüksekova District Governor and Deputy Mayor Osman Doğramacı, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General Ahmet Kavukçu and some corporate chiefs.

In his speech here, Akbıyık said that they organized the second nature sports festival in the region with CİSAD.

Akbıyık thanked everyone who contributed to the festival and the participants and said, “I would like to thank our citizens who came here to see these beauties from all over Turkey. Unfortunately, these were the places where the terrorist organization, which wanted to harm Kurds, Turks and Turkey, ran and trained. But thankfully, today, neither in Hakkari nor in these mountains, even the 't' of terrorism can be mentioned at an altitude of 3. Not a single terrorist is here. Hopefully, we will fight together with our security forces and the people of Hakkari until there is no terrorist left.” said.

Despite the Pandemic, There Is An Unbelievable Demand

Akbıyık said that the security forces ensured security in every part of the country and outside the borders with the support of the people.

“This year, there is an incredible demand despite the pandemic, especially with the coming of peace. There is an interest in our mountains, Sat Lakes, Reşko Pass, Cennet Hell Valley. That view is only in the Alps, in the Himalayas. I hope we all use this potential for both Hakkarians and Turkey's economy and tourism. kazanwe will go. Our security forces provide the highest level of security in these mountains. As the state of the Republic of Turkey, we, as the state of the Republic of Turkey, make an effort to lead the children of Hakkari, the children of Cilo, the children of Sat, and the children of Zap to goodness and beauty, in order not to feed them to the wolf and not to go to evil and violence.”

CİSAD President Azad Ölmez also explained that as an association, they aim to introduce the natural beauties of the city to Turkey and the world.

Reminding that they held the first festival in 2018 with the participation of 150 people, Ölmez said, “This year, we had more than 800 participants. 400 of them came from outside the province. Many cities of the country participated. It is a very nice festival.” he said.

Ayşe Kartal, who participated in the festival from İzmir, stated that the region is a place worth seeing and said, “We set up tents here with more than a thousand people. We are here with many mountaineering clubs. We are all brothers, we all have fun together. We live the 4 seasons together.” said.

Tuğba Özacan, who came from Adana, stated that they came to the region with prejudices, but they saw that this prejudice was unfounded and said, “This place is magnificent, a natural wonder. There is a very nice atmosphere. We had a nice night. We woke up to a very different morning.” used the phrases.

Akbıyık and his companions then danced halay and canoe with nature lovers.

National Medical Rescue Teams (UMKE), 112 Emergency Health Services and Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) teams were also present at the festival, Çukurca Mayor Ensar Dündar, Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Emin Yıldırım, Provincial Director of National Education Bilal Gür, Culture and Tourism Provincial Director İdris Ağacanoğlu, AFAD Provincial Director Resul Karadeniz and representatives of some non-governmental organizations.

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