Signature Ceremony of Western Anatolia Free Zone

Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci, as the government plan to establish free zones in different specialized fields in Turkey, said they could build a third airport in Istanbul near the largest of them said it would be e-commerce logistics free zone.

Speaking at the Western Anatolia Free Zone Preliminary Protocol Signing Ceremony in Izmir, Minister Zeybekci reminded that the first statement he made during an Izmir visit after he took office as the Minister of Economy was “We will make İzmir a city of free zones”.

Stating that he was happy to fulfill this promise, Minister Zeybekci said, “We are not among those who forget their words. Since then, we have made two investments in İzmir regarding the free zone. One of them is the Western Anatolia Free Zone. The preliminary protocol we sign here today is not a free zone declaration, because it is by the decision of the council of ministers but we told the operating company, 'Yes we are. "If you fulfill the requirements of this, we will ensure that you complete it with you." used expressions.

Reminding that they care about free zones and make new arrangements to develop and improve, Minister Zeybekci said, “With the new regulation, all of the external incentives have been made available in free zones. We had some problems with taxation, transportation and some expenses not being counted in free zones. We would have removed all of them. ” said.

Wishing that the Western Anatolian Free Zone, where they signed the preliminary protocol, to become a specialized free zone in the field of energy technologies, Minister Zeybekci expressed their trust in the knowledge and experience of Ege Free Zone AŞ (ESBAŞ). Ministers Zeybekci, specialized in various fields in different regions of Turkey as the government expressed that they also discussed the free trade zone, he said:

“We will build the e-commerce logistics free zone, the export formation of the future, as well as the third airport in Istanbul, one of which will be the largest airport in the world. This will be the largest in the world. Because five years later, 5 percent of Turkey's exports of products that will be carried out by electronic commerce. The truths we know will become mistakes three years later. The payment, loading and shipping systems you know will be wrong. Those who go ahead will win. We will be leading from the front as from Turkey. Free zones will be one of the most important instruments and road signs of our front walk. We will talk a lot about the free zones related to finance, information technologies and e-commerce in the coming days. ”

Following the speech of Minister Zeybekci, ESBAŞ Executive Committee Chairman Faruk Güler and Free Zones, Foreign Investment and Services General Manager Uğur Öztürk signed the preliminary protocol of the Western Anatolian Free Zone.



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