Adana has successfully passed the Air Sports Exam

Acting Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Ramazan Akyürek presented trophies and medals to the pilots who won the Adana Fly-In Aviation Festival.

Adana Fly-In Aviation Festival participated in the master pilots, cheered the skies of Çukurova. Ramazan Akyürek, Deputy Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, presented the trophies and medals of the pilots who were ranked in the event held in the facilities of Kelaynak Aviation Association. Emphasizing that Adana has successfully passed an important test in air sports, Akyürek said, uz We are pleased with the development of Adana with its unique advantages in terms of climate, meteorology and geography.

Adana Fly-In Aviation Festival, organized by Air Sports Federation and Kelaynak Aviation Association, was the scene of exciting races. Approximately 40 aircraft and 50's pilots participated in the festival, speed and precision landing competitions were held. In the speed category, Mesut Göçer won the first place, Ali Özler won the second place and Atilla Hacısüleymanoğlu won the third place. Ferhat Tigrel, Ali Özler and Atilla Hacısüleymanoğlu took part in the honor descent in the precision landing competition.

The winning pilots, trophies and medals received from the hands of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Ramazan Akyürek. Vice President Ramazan Akyürek congratulated the executives of the Kelaynak Aviation Association for their contribution to the promotion of Adana. Akyürek noted that Kelaynak Aviation Association has undertaken and successfully carried out a very valuable mission in air sports and said: As Adana Metropolitan Municipality, we will continue to support air sports organizations under the leadership of our President Hüseyin Sözlü. ”



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