Citizen satisfaction in public transport

Public transport to increase the satisfaction of the citizen will continue to increase the training activities Fatih Pistil, said that the work will continue without interruption for more secure and friendly transportation.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues its education activities to increase the satisfaction of citizens in public transportation. In this context, the trainings in Abant and Metropolitan Council Hall were completed. Specialist Psychologist Özkan Şenol presented trainings on anger control, stress management, communication, teamwork and team spirit towards the municipality bus drivers and their partners. Public transport more preferable, more secure and friendly transportation of citizens to continue to work to ensure that the transfer of Fatih Pistil, the objectives of the public transportation underlined the maximum satisfaction.

Regular training
Pistil said, em Our new educational activities that we started in Abant ended with the trainings we conducted in our Metropolitan Municipality after the month of 2. I would like to mention that we have carried out exemplary studies on driver trainings. While providing trainings to the municipal bus drivers, we also work towards their partners. Bus driver workload is heavy, tiring and stress is a profession. However, we must be patient and smiling with respect to our citizens. We think this will be supported by education and their families. For this reason, 3 has been continuing our training programs regularly since the year. Hopefully we will continue our work without any break for maximum satisfaction in public transport. İn



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