Public Transport Fees Are Rearranged in Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) was held to discuss the public transportation fee tariff. As a result of the meeting, the public transport fare tariff was revised to be valid from 24 September 2017.

In Kayseri, public transportation fees were last changed on 21.02.2016. In the 20 month period from this date to the present, there have been large increases in the cost items of public transportation operations, especially in fuel, maintenance and labor. The demand for the reorganization of long-term ticket prices was not included in the UKOME agenda; however, increases in fuel and other expense items necessitated mandatory regulation of public transportation ticket prices.

The increase rate of diesel prices in the twenty-month period was% 37,32, the increase in maintenance costs was% 14,08 and the labor cost increase was% 7,89. The average rate of increase in costs was% 26,36.
The metropolitan municipality suffered this increase in costs through the new public transport model that was introduced in 2017 year; however, new regulations have become mandatory in the process. With the new regulation, the average increase in public transport fare tariffs was% 14,5.

According to the new regulation, the tariffs occurred are as follows.

Full Card: 2,50 TL
Student Card: 1,40 TL
Teacher Card: 2,20 TL
1 Passive Magnetic Paper Ticket: 3,00 TL
Full Subscription 50 Pass: 100 TL (One Board 2,00 TL)

The old tariff remains valid for students who use public transportation continuously and who have a Subscription Card. 57,50 50 transition is available on Student Subscription card.

On the other hand, in addition to redefining the city center public transport fees, the district transportation fees have also been reorganized by UKOME. According to the regulation, the new fare tariffs for district transportation were determined as follows:

The district's public transportation fees are the latest; 2009 in some districts, 01.01.2016 and 01.08.2016 dates were organized in some districts.

This increase in input pen in the year 2017 just a rearrangement of the ticket price in almost all provinces in Turkey in Kayseri was not mandatory.

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