On the Konak Tram, the Line is at the Halkapınar Crossing

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues the manufacturing works of Konak Tramway, is starting a new stage as of Friday, September 8. Due to the construction of the line to be built on the crossing bridge between Meles Bridge and Halkapınar Warehouse Area, the traffic pattern in the region will be changed. The works in two stages will be completed in 45 days.

The last stage of the tram project of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality to bring a new breath to the city transportation, is now being started. The Metropolitan Municipality, which completed the line production works on the Şair Eşref Boulevard on the tram route to Gazi Boulevard, except Montrö Square, on the other hand, completed the work on the Alsancak Gar crossing between the Gazi Boulevard and Alsancak Sait Altınordu - Vahap Özaltay squares. It is also continuing its line productions on Boulevard and Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard.

45 will be completed in the day
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, on Friday, September 26, between the Meles Bridge and Halkapınar Warehouse Area will start the line production work on Halkapınar Crossing Bridge. During the first phase of the activities to be carried out towards the direction of Alsancak - Halkapınar Halkapınar'a going to be closed by a single strip of car traffic will continue through the remaining 08 lanes. After the works to be carried out in the direction of Alsancak - Halkapınar, 2. in the frame of the stage going to Alsancak only one strip will be closed to begin the work of the line. Vehicle traffic will also flow through the remaining 2 lane.

The Metropolitan Municipality aims to complete the laying and landscaping works on the Halkapınar Crossing Bridge between the Meles Bridge and Halkapınar Warehouse Area within the 45 days.

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