Kırıkkale tram project was told

Kırıkkale tram project was described: Kırıkkale Rail Transportation System Project (KALERAY) was introduced by Kırıkkale Municipality.
KALERAY, which will be established between Kırıkkale University and Kırıkkale Center, will bring the city and university closer to each other. There will be a total 12 stop in the rail system which will be a total length of 500 thousand 10 meters. Studies on the implementation of the project are expected to start in the coming months.
KALERAY Project prepared within the framework of technical support grant of Kırıkkale Municipality and Ahiler Development Agency, Kırıkkale University Mechanical Engineering Assist. Assoc. Dr. Introduced by the slide prepared by Battal Dogan. KALERAY is about 12 thousand 500 meters long and it is planned to start at TCDD station and end in Organized Industrial Zone. An 10 stop will be found on the line.
In the meeting where the advantages of the KALERAY system for Kırıkkale are explained, capacity, speed, reliability, comfort, ease of use and environment friendly system structure were recorded.

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