Sahin Introduced ıt Gazibis ”System

The Gazibis system, which was established by Gaziulaş and has been undergoing testing for some time, was introduced to the citizen with the participation of the Mayor of Gaziantep, Fatma Şahin.

Citizens, especially the younger generation wants to increase the use of bicycles Sahin, Gaziantep 700 thousand young people in the presence of and said they wanted to evaluate it well. 70 about a thousand university students, one-fourth of this figure should emphasize the use of bicycles Sahin, the use of bicycles is both healthy and economic, he said.

Kalealti, Old Stadium, 15 July Square, Maanoglu Park (SankoPark), Fairy Tale Park, Wonderland Park and Gaziantep University, 7 bike system installed in the 108 station, Gaziantep Card Processing Center oğlu Membership Card, and credit card and bicycle rental started offering service. The system, which has an hourly fee of 1 TL, will be used with Gaziantep Cards in the coming days.

Thanks to the ability to leave the bike from any station to other stations, citizens will be able to use this service for transportation purposes. The system, which allows rental up to 24 hours, serves at any time of the day.



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