TÜLOMSAŞ derails

TÜLOMSAŞ, the pioneer of rail systems, winks at the air, sea and defense sectors.

TÜLOMSAŞ is in contact with the aviation, maritime and defense industry in order to eliminate the dependency on foreign sources. There are many projects and agenda from the national high-speed train to the tank engine, from the marin engine to the cooperation with THY Teknik.

Y sail to the world ın was given as a sailing gift to TÜLOMSAŞ, which produces the marine engine to be used by Van Lake ferries. THY Technical officials, visited the institution to see the possibilities and capabilities. TÜLOMSAŞ, which continues to work in the domestic high speed train, wants to take part in the manufacturing of Altay Tank Engine. We will not import locomotives after 2020 with the works of TÜLOMSAŞ, which makes international cooperation.

In recent years, TÜLOMSAŞ, which has been doing kırp revolution ıy in the field of rail systems and reducing the dependence of our country on foreign countries, winks in the aviation, maritime and defense industries.

Director General of the institution, which has become one of Turkey's most strategic institutions I visited Hayri Avci authorities. What I saw and heard gave me hope.

The last guest of the Executive Chamber was Hayri Avci, who led TULOMSAS for the 12 years. I have been to the General Manager Avcı for coffee. He didn't say a word! The project opened the project, dreams pursued each other. TÜLOMSAŞ only I witnessed once again the importance for Turkey not to Eskisehir. Our hopes for the future increased while we visited Avcı's office. Our confidence in these lands, institutions and people has peaked. Hunter, 'one of the' real 'goals and dreams while describing' emotional 'moments occurred. Yes, it's all about the iron, but it's supposed to be 'iron' to avoid being touched.

We started to visit Avcı's Authority Room. Lar Hunter who showed the plaques that NGOs gave,… They all have a meaning, Avcı he says. There are locomotives from the glass and gifts from the fairs that he attended. There is a gift from Thai Railways ın And a Revolutionary car made of gypsum ası The Chamber of Marine Engineers i Sail far away… is the gift sailboat. Van Lake ferries will be used after the construction of the marin engine and "all the world, sail the sea," he said officials "

We see a plaque on the 'Rail Systems Cluster'. Avcı's interpretation h A gift from the Rail Systems Cluster that I was the founder of. For me it has a lot of importance and meaning. Because we have established for the first time in Turkey. Founded in Ankara and Bursa after us. We're the first. Rail Systems Cluster became an exemplary NGO of the EU. We have established uk under the auspices of our Chamber of Industry.

I see an aircraft model near the desk. Avci, d THY came to visit. THY Technic uçak They presented an aircraft in his memory. We talked about joint cooperation. They came to see both our visits and our capabilities. Hem

Many certificates of maritime and rail systems hang on the wall. There is an Environmental Certificate from the Ministry. Due to the importance of TÜLOMSAŞ for the environment. After the first service to the maritime sector, Türk Loydu has a certificate. After the construction of the Van Lake ferries, there is a photo of the ceremony for the first locomotive to Europe. A ceremony held in 2014… Prime Minister Erdoğan of the time was at the ceremony. "A photo we are proud of," says Avci.

It says 'mission' on the wall. Hunter, will change soon due to new conditions, he says. Fast train production is changing the mission. . It's something I look at very little, Avcı Avci said, pointing to the closed TV.
The Zenith brand stands out one hour. Zaman This time I was there, Avcı Avci said. The harmony with the decoration adds a different beauty. He's just doing his job without bothering us. He doesn't like the show. He's working. It always shows the truth, göster he says with a smile.

World map, dried rose and 'proud table' productions
Hayri Avcı's office is full of surprises makam He gives people a taste of all emotions. There is everything from a dried rose in the frame to the model of the Revolution, from the fast train sets to be produced to the world map to the world map.
Standing in front of diesel and electric locomotives. It is a period when production power is at its peak. It was a terrific event. The enjoyment of that production was different.

There are two big photos. Right in the middle of the fast train design stands. I'm still excited to the hunter Avcı: omot The electric locomotives we produce, orum Our pride table. Omot 68 bin type electric locomotives that we produce once a week. These locomotives really made something very difficult for us. Our friends did a job at the summit. We've reached six locomotives at the same time. It's even harder to get a model started. We have commissioned two models simultaneously. Both the electric locomotive and the diesel locomotive we made with GE. With TÜLOMSAŞ, this work changed all thoughts, prejudices and perceptions. Now, TULOMSAS is a world company, a production power has been given the message. With this production 'We are that, we should be taken into account about the locomotive' we said. We're ready, we'il do it if the order comes. Şu

He then passed ahead of the photo where the diesel locomotives appeared in cooperation with GE. Yıl In the year 1985 began manufacturing steam locomotives for the first time, the US began manufacturing diesel locomotives. The scissors are so open ... We cut this scissor in some way by producing this locomotive at 2012. We are currently capable of producing the latest technology. Again, we have the power to make more domestic than 50. With this project, we will produce both these two locomotives, software and traction vehicle control systems locally and nationally. With our subsidiary industry, TUBITAK and universities. Thus, our country will not enter the imported locomotive after 2020. After 2020 we will be in the world market with our own national brand. X

. 100 is the turning point of the annual TULOMSAS production. It is a point where production power reaches its peak. It was a terrific event. The enjoyment of that production was different. We worked day and night and succeeded, Gece he said.

“This is our super vision. Concept design of the high-speed train to be made by our company. We will have such a high-speed train. Hopefully two years later, we may be in front of you with something different. We apply a method that is entirely national and specific to us. Our Ministry and the General Director of TCDD have a great contribution. Bak There are also quick train models in the room.

I see a dried rose, in the frame mas Avcı told his story: içinde The sales manager of the French company was female. We gave a rose during our company visit. I was very happy, very glad. The next time he brought the rose to us in the frame.

We stand in front of the world map across the table uz General Manager Avcı says, har It shows our vision. We are not only to meet the needs of our country, but also to create added value. We have to think big, Büyük he says. Avci's meetings are held in his office. Next to the world map there is a big meeting table and smart board.

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