Call for Cooperatives from Izmir Logistics

International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association UTIKAD met with the representatives of member companies operating in the Aegean Region in Izmir. Following the board meeting held at Izmir Hilton Hotel, UTIKAD Board Members and UTIKAD General Manager evaluated the developments in the logistics sector with the representatives of the member companies.

In the meeting where the problems of the sector were discussed, the members of UTİKAD from Izmir brought up the processes related to truck cooperatives operating at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. UTİKAD Members suggested that cooperatives should provide modern services to reduce the costs of logistics by reducing the costs of the companies to the company.
The members of the Board of Directors of UTIKAD visited the Executive Board of Rebii Akdurak, the President of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, and Yusuf Ozturk, the Chairman of the Board of Izmir Chamber of Shipping. Following the discussions on current issues in the logistics sector, UTIKAD Delegation visited the Arkas Marine History Center.

444 roof of the logistics industry with members throughout Turkey continues to be UTIKAD civil society organizations, met with Egeli logisticians in September. UICAD Chairman Emre Eldener gave a detailed presentation at 11 September 2017 Monday in Izmir Hilton Hotel. Emre Eldener, who explained the activities of UTIKAD, said: kültür In the Turkish logistics sector, we continue to work for the development and development of the logistics culture. The basis of this work is, of course, logistics training. As UTIKAD, we organize vocational trainings and in-house trainings to walk confidently to this important goal. The FIATA Diploma in Training in Turkey as well as only we give, "he said. Emre Eldener also touched upon the developments in the sector and said, öre We, as UTİKAD, are taking part in all channels of the sector. Sektör

Informing the members about the state support for the logistics sector, Eldener emphasized that the logistics sector, which is the second largest sector in service exports, will be supported by Turquality, Brand Support program, support from overseas trade fairs and trade delegations, Kosgeb and Eximbank. In this context, in the beginning of October, the FIATA World Congress will participate as a trade delegation.

As part of the legislative studies concerning the sector, President Eldener stated that they had formed UIKAD's views on the Draft Regulation on Road Transport in the previous months. In the framework of the dynamics of entry into the sector is not restricted, domestic and foreign actors can compete on equal and fair terms, activities can be controlled in international norms, the economy of the country can provide its own expectations in order to provide an environment that we forwarded to the General Directorate of Highway Regulation, '' he said.

Eldener, who explained the studies on the Draft of the New Customs Law, said, “At the beginning of the proposals submitted to the Ministry, it was directed towards the concept of Transport Affairs Organizer (TIO). In the new law, we have proposed the definition of the Carrier Organizer, which is not included in the draft, as a concept. Yeni

Touching on the fact that UTIKAD is actively involved in the Trade Facilitation Board, Mr. Eldener said,, We continue to express our ideas structured with the common mind for this sector. Board Member of UTİKAD and also Rıdvan Haliloğlu, the Customs and Warehouse Working Group President, represent both our association and our sector in this board. In addition, many of our members are attending board meetings Bun. Eldener promised to Rıdvan Haliloğlu for further information. Haliloğlu said, ey We are of the opinion that the evaluations to be made as a result of the large number of board meetings will provide important steps for our sector. Hal

President Emre Eldener, industry 4.0 and the impact of technology developments on the logistics sector also evaluated the effects. Eldener, who underlines the fact that business processes and processes will change rapidly in the logistics sector. Iyor A very fast change process is waiting for us. We don't have the luxury of missing this stream. The way of doing business in the world is changing. We have to keep up with this, Biz he said.

After the presentation of Eldener, in the question-answer section, UTIKAD Board of Directors and members of the company evaluated the situation and current developments in the sector. The representatives of the member companies asked questions about investment plans for logistics and transportation. In this context, a representative of the industry participating UTIKAD General Manager Logistics Master Plan Meeting Cavite Ugur, "Turkey Logistics Master Plan 1. The workshop was held in 25 July 2017 in Ankara. There were three presentations outlining the current situation which was completed by the consultant company as the first step of the master plan. The afternoon session was held in a workshop format by dividing all participants into different working groups. In the seven groups formed, priority issues were identified within the framework of the determined issues and solutions were proposed for them. We believe that the problems and solutions offered in this workshop will contribute to master plan studies. We hope that the logistics master plan, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, will help the sector to see the way and create its own investment and strategic business plans. X

Another issue of the agenda was the negative impact of the truck cooperatives, which served in the transportation of air import loads from the airport to the final destinations, via the Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Members suggested that truck cooperatives should become corporations. It was underlined that the implementation of unit costs at the market level of the cooperatives would reduce the total logistics cost of the country. The Board of Directors of UTIKAD stated that the evaluation of the members of each sector of the sector should provide efficient services with modern methods.

UTİKAD Chairman Emre Eldener, Vice Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, Board of Directors Taner İzmirlioğlu, Ekin Tırman and Koral Mutual and UTİKAD General Manager Cavit Uğur and UTİKAD Corporate Communications Manager Nilgün Küçükören Tahmaz, 12 On Tuesday, İzmir, Turkey Chamber of Commerce President Rebii Akdurak visited in his office. In the coming period, changes in the logistics sector were discussed. UTİKAD Delegation presented the wishes of success for the election of Izmir Chamber of Commerce, which approached the President of the ITO Akdurak.

The second stop of the UTİKAD Delegation was the Izmir Chamber of Shipping. The Chairman and Members of the Board of Directors of UTİKAD were hosted by Mr. Yusuf Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of İzmir DTO, and Kenan Yalavaç, Member of the Board of Directors. UTİKAD Delegation exchanged ideas with Öztürk before the upcoming Chamber of Shipping elections.

The last stop of the Board of Directors was the Arkas Sea History Center. The delegation was welcomed by the Director of the Center Betül Aksoy and one of the doyens of the logistics sector, Piyer Kalemoni. He also visited the wonderful collection of ship models, paintings and ships.

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